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Perfect World Masters Day 1 - VG and Newbee Take the Lead - Esportsranks
Perfect World Masters Day 1 – VG and Newbee Take the Lead

More than 12 hours and 20 games played later, the results of Day 1 of the Perfect World Masters are finally in and it is quite interesting, to say the least.

While Vici Gaming and Newbee topping their respective groups shouldn’t surprise anyone, many wouldn’t have guessed that Team Secret and Mineski would find themselves in the bottom half of Group B. The latter, for one, only managed to score 1 point after today’s matches; they split their series against Team Secret and got swept by Newbee in the last match of the day.

Vici Gaming Take Care of Business in Group A

While it will probably take a while for people to forget about their 0-4 showing at the Starladder Minor back in October, Vici Gaming are starting to show the world how good they really are. After making it to the Grand Finals of the Dota PIT Minor, the presumed best Dota 2 in China today took care of business against the lesser teams in their group.

All four of their wins of the day came in decisive fashion. Both SG e-sports and Vega Squadron had no chance at all as Vici Gaming played like a team on a mission. The wins should give Vici Gaming some much needed momentum as they face LFY and CompLexity Gaming tomorrow.

Speaking of LFY, their performance on Day 1 of the Perfect World Masters Minor drew mixed reactions. While the Top 3 finishers at The International 7 started the day right with a 2-0 sweep of CompLexity Gaming, they failed to close things out against the tournament underdogs, SG e-sports. They ended up drawing their series 1-1 against the Brazilians after losing Game 2 by letting it go late.

Vega Squadron also failed to impress in their first and only Pro Circuit LAN appearance this season. They’re now the only team to have 0 points so far after their disappointing 0-4 performance today.

The Sharks will be fighting for their tournament lives tomorrow in Day 2 of the Perfect World Masters Minor as they go up against SG e-sports and LFY. 

Newbee On Top, Mineski in Last Place in Group B

Newbee racing out to take the lead after Day 1 isn’t that much of a shocker. Although they were placed in arguably the more competitive group — save for Team Kinguineach team in Group B each has earned Qualifying Points for the season — it wasn’t as deep as most people thought. Not when Mineski are currently struggling, and especially not with Team Secret’s announcement just hours before the start of the tournament that they would be playing with EHOME’s Chen ‘Cty‘ Tianyu as a stand-in for Yeik ‘MidOne‘ Nai Zheng.

Team Kinguin’s performance has also been a surprise delight. They managed to weather the proverbial storm by splitting both of their matches against Newbee and LGD GamingAs a result, they’re now a real threat to qualifying for the playoffs over Mineski. 

Given how closely matched all the teams in Group B are, much to the surprise of many, the remaining matches tomorrow will definitely be a must-watch.

Perfect World Masters Day 2 – Who Will Advance?

Perfect World Masters

Image via Perfect World

We’re in for another long day tomorrow at the Perfect World Masters Minor; fans of Southeast Asia’s Mineski will want to keep a close eye on if and how the PGL Minor Champions can recover from their lacklustre start to the tournament.

Check out the tournament’s official checkout for more information about the schedule and team standings.

Which teams do you think we will see make an early exit from the Perfect World Masters Minor tomorrow? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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