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Patch 7.06 Dota Meta - What Has Changed? - Esportsranks
Patch 7.06 Dota Meta – What Has Changed?

The Dota 2 Meta is always changing, more so for professionals when a new patch comes in. But, the last patch is a big one, in that it’s probably going to be the last patch before The International 2017. Here we recap the Patch 7.06 Dota Meta changes.

After having spent time watching the professional scene closely ever since the patch hit, here are some of the ways, we believe, patch 7.06 has changed the professional metagame so far.

Mid Play and Snowballing

Now that denies grant the denying team 30 percent of the XP bounty, a strong laning (the first 15 minutes of the game) phase is much more important than ever before. While all lanes stand to gain something from the buff, the mid lane benefits from the changes the most. Add the extra melee creep to the middle lane for the first 15 minutes, and you’ve got yourself a lot of XP and gold going the mid lane’s way.

We’ve already seen Invoker return to the Dota 2 meta because of this change. Miracle’s performance on the hero during the StarLadder Invitational S2 was particularly noteworthy. Shadow Fiend remained a popular pick.

More notable than the mid players themselves, however, are the frequency of rotations. Heroes that excel in harassing enemy heroes out of the lane to free up space to increase snowball potential have become much more popular in this patch. This trend is highly unlikely to change moving forward.

Mechanically skilled players, such as Sumail “Suma1L” Hassan and Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi are sure to excel even more in the current Dota 2 meta.

Jungling Is Back

7.00 introduced more neutral camps but also increased the neutral spawn time to two minutes instead of one. 7.06 reversed that change, at the expense of a 20 percent early game reduction in XP and Gold. That’s a small price to pay given the number of neutral camps to farm these days.

We’ve already seen Sven and Shadow Fiend excel because of this recent change.

Going forward, you can expect teams to experiment and bring back heroes that are known for their farming and jungling efficiency. Who knows? We might even see the return of Chen and Enchantress to the Dota 2 meta.

Much Shorter Games

Patch 7.06 Dota Meta sees far shorter games in the currently than before.

There are plenty of reasons for this. The number of shrines in the base has been reduced, for one. The increased potential for snowballing is also another reason. Roshan dropping Cheese after his second death is also another factor. But, perhaps the biggest factor, is the increased in the buyback cooldown, going from seven to eight minutes.

The changes have made pushing to the high ground just so much easier.

All Out Chaos After The 40-Minute Mark

In case a team doesn’t finish early and lets the game go past the 40-minute mark, all hell breaks lose.

With two power-up runes spawning after 40 minutes and the respawn talents now replaced with seemingly gimmicky talents, we’ve already seen games come to a very abrupt end and clashes become even messier as the game goes on. We’ll likely see more in the coming weeks and months.

TLDR; the current Dota 2 meta encourages finishing games early while giving teams a better chance of coming back and winning late in the game.

Dota 2 Meta

Photo via Dota2.com

Patch 7.06 Dota Meta: Pre-International 2017

Will the 7.06 patch usher in a more diverse Dota 2 meta? We can’t really say for sure. But, many analysts agree that this patch alone could have much wider implications than the transition from the 6.XX era to the 7.XX.

With the International 2017 coming soon, look for teams to experiment and try out different strategies as they try their best to secure an invite to the most prestigious Dota 2 tournament of them all.