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What Is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a relatively new eSport FPS game that brings a breath of fresh air to eSport gaming. Unlike traditional online FPS games, Overwatch brings a much more chaotic FPS experience where you play as different heroes each with their own particular abilities and back story.Overwatch is an FPS game with a futuristic setting set in the year 2070.  Overwatch doesn’t have a story driven narrative but rather bits and information about the story are shared through comics, articles and short videos. Teams of 6 compete against each other in 3 different game modes.Escort Mode: In escort mode the attacking team needs to deliver a payload from one point of the map to the other whereas the opposing team needs to stop them.Assault Mode: In assault mode both teams need to take or defend capture points. The attacking team attempts to take control of these capture points where as the defending tries to retain control of these capture points.Control Mode: Control mode follows a best of three format. Both teams will require to capture a designated area on the map.

Overwatch Tournaments & Events

Overwatch is still relatively new as an eSport game so it doesn’t have a massive global community but it is growing faster than any game before. Unlike Counter Strike: GO, DOTA 2, and League of Legends Tournaments, Overwatch doesn’t have any major Tournaments with massive prize pools.As of 2017, Overwatch has over 25 million registered players and the number is growing drastically with each passing week. Here are the current available and upcoming tournaments for Overwatch:

Start End Name Prize Pool Location
17/01/2017 08/04/2017 Overwatch APEX Season 2 $200,370 South Korea
23/03/2017 14/04/2017 Overwatch PIT Championship EU $15,000 Europe, Online
30/03/2017 14/04/2017 Overwatch PIT Championship NA $15,000 America, Online
08/04/2017 31/07/2017 Overwatch Pacific Championship $272,240 Taipei
13/04/2017 15/04/2017 Copenhagen Games 2017 $9,000 Copenhagen, Denmark
29/04/2017 11/06/2017 Spring Overwatch Premier Series $105,850 Shanghai
27/05/2017 28/05/2017 ESL ANZ S1: Championship Final $7,629 Sydney
13/07/2017 16/07/2017 DreamHack Valencia 2017 $10,792 Valencia, Spain
27/07/2017 14/10/2017 Overwatch Premier Series 2017 $143,550 Shanghai
31/10/2017 31/10/2017 Overwatch Premier Series 2017 – Grand Finals $101,500 Shanghai
23/11/2017 10/12/2017 APAC Premier 2017 $226,200 Shanghai

Overwatch News

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BREAKING: Ninjas in Pyjamas Overwatch Team Released

NiP, better known as Ninjas in Pyjamas, have confirmed the release via an announcement on their official site. The Ninjas in Pyjamas Overwatch team has been in existence in...
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Overwatch World Cup 2016 had incredible participation from around the world. It drew more than 3 million votes from fans. Fans voted to support one of their favourite teams from...
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Top 5 Overwatch characters used in Esports

Overwatch is the first FPS game that has such a diverse character roster covering all major eSport roles such as offence, tank, support, and defence. Naturally, when you try...
Overwatch team

Overwatch Uprising – new PvE event is now live!

Overwatch Uprising - Just launched! Blizzard's Overwatch just launched it's newest seasonal event, Uprising, live on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One versions of the game. This game update...