Overwatch World Cup Top 8 – Who to Bet On?

United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Australia, China, France, South Korea and USA – these are the Overwatch World Cup Top 8 countries left in the mix. The action takes place tomorrow at BlizzCon in Anaheim, California. Format is single-elimination bracket. Question is who to bet on?

United Kingdom vs. Sweden – Overwatch World Cup Top 8

This is a very close matchup. Sweden looks to be slightly favoured, but United Kingdom can easily win this. Still, going for Sweden at 1/2 to win is a decent option. UK should win at least one map here at 1/6.

If you’re feeling lucky, totals maps under 4.5 is at 4/9, which is not too shabby either.

Overwatch World Cup Top 8 Sweden

Credit: Blizzard

Canada vs. Australia – Overwatch World Cup Top 8

Canadians are heavy favourites here as they finished first in group F against the likes of Russia and Turkey, while Australia clearly couldn’t parry Sweden in group C.

Even in the top 16, Canada swept Netherlands 3-0. On the other hand, Australia went the distance with Japan. Stats don’t necessarily paint the full picture, but Canada’s players seem to outperform Australia’s across the board.

Go for total maps over 3.5 at 4/7, because Australia looks capable enough of taking at least 1 game here.

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China vs. France – Overwatch World Cup Top 8

This is another close matchup. China hasn’t dropped a single game in group A, while France slipped in 2. France proved to be one of the best Overwatch World Cup top 8 teams, so it’s understandable why the odds are so close.

This is probably the only matchup where it makes sense to go for the underdog. China is a strong Esports nation and they have a very good roster. At 6/5 to win the match, it’s one of the riskier bets, but it will even out the low-hanging fruit from other matchups.

South Korea vs. USA – Overwatch World Cup Top 8

Overwatch World Cup Top 8 USA

Photo: Robert Paul

This matchup would’ve been great in finals, but unfortunately, one of these teams is going to get eliminated. South Koreans have absolutely monstrous lineup of APEX pros, which is why odds are heavily in their favour.

I’d still count on USA to win at least 1 map here at 8/15. Avoid all the other markets.

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