Sweden, Canada, France and South Korea in the Overwatch World Cup Semifinals

Favourites Through

The top 8 Overwatch World Cup countries clashed yesterday in the quarterfinals bonanza at Blizzcon in Anaheim, Canada. As far as we realistically expected, all 4 matches went to favourites.

Sweden made quick work of United Kingdom, brute-forcing their way to victory in a sweeping fashion. United Kingdom were always a step behind, unable to even out the odds throughout the whole match.

Surprisingly, the match between Canada and Australia was the most competitive one of all. Australia took a 2-0 lead on Oasis and King’s Row, hinting at a potential upset. Even though Canada reverse swept the Aussies, all the remaining games looked pretty close too.

Overwatch World Cup Semifinals Canada

Credit: Blizzard

France went 3-0 after China took the lead in the first game (Nepal). It seems both France and Canada need a little bit of revving up to get to a working temperature.

South Korea overpowered USA convincingly, which was rather expected. USA, much like China, won the first game on Nepal, but South Korea shifted gears and pulled out their A game in the rest of the games. The third game on Hanamura was a draw, so the match went the distance. Final score was 3-1 for South Korea.

What to Expect in Overwatch World Cup Semifinals?

In the meta dominated by Mercy and exceptional individual skills of each country’s DPS players, it can go both ways in the two semifinals pairs.

It’s highly likely both matchups will go to distance. At the very least, it’s highly unlikely either of these will be a swift sweep. At 2/5 for Sweden vs. Canada and at 5/6 for France vs. South Korea, it definitely makes sense investing into the total maps over 3.5 market for both matches. Along the same lines, Canada at 4/11 to win at least 1 map is a great addition to that.

Overwatch World Cup Semifinals France

Credit: Blizzard

After witnessing the struggle Canada went through against Australia, Sweden to win at 2/9 is high enough to warrant a safe and worthwhile bet.

I’d personally stay away from all individual game predictions and final scores, because the uncertainties are too high to warrant any safe and logical picks. You could argue that Sweden to win 3-1 at 11/5 is the most likely outcome, but the return is relatively low considering the risk involved.

Stay on the safe side for today’s matches.