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Overwatch Stats and Match Predictions, as the OWL soars through Week 2 - Esportsranks
Overwatch Stats and Match Predictions, as the OWL soars through Week 2

Play in week one of the Overwatch League was relatively tame compared to this week’s matches. Teams were quite balanced in week one, with matches still being quite predictable. This is actually quite common in the initial stages of most Overwatch events. While the odds in those initial stages are lower, the results are more predictable. But in this week, match predictions require that analysts consult the Overwatch stats for different teams and players to turn out reliable predictions.

Each match is going to be closely fought, as teams battle for survival in this extremely competitive event. Even playing a reliable but predictable game, as London Spitfire do, could be seen as a weakness, and capitalized upon by other teams. There will be four days of combats in this coming week, and twelve matches on each day. That makes for some very intense plays. Teams and players are going to be sweating for every win here. It would hardly be worth our while to cover the low-odds matches. Instead, we’ll be focusing on predictable matches with the best odds, below…

Philadelphia Fusion (PHI) Vs London Spitfire (LDN)

London Spitfire are playing as well as they did in Stage one. On the other hand, we haven’t seen anything beyond that, and their plays are become extremely predictable, which isn’t good news. Yes, they do put out steady gameplay, but not innovating on tactics is costing them. If Philadelphia can take advantage of that, they can win this, and they proved it in stage one by defeating NYE, which is perhaps the strongest team here. The odds are 3.20 on PHI, so stake on them at exceptional odds for a team that did reasonably well in stage one.

Houston Outlaws (HOU) VS Philadelphia Fusion (PHI)

Here’s an interesting pair that could generate potentially exceptional returns. In their last encounter, PHI defeated HOU. Both teams actually won two maps, resulting in a draw, and PHI won the tiebreaker map 2-0. So why are we getting low odds on HOU here? Well, HOU were seen as one of the best teams in stage one, and they also defeated London Spitfire twice. However, Overwatch stats show that PHI aren’t half bad themselves. They not only won against HOU in stage one, but also against NYE. PHI certainly have what it takes to put down HOU here, and at odds running at around 2.95, do offer a potentially extremely lucrative win.

Dallas Fuel (DAL) Vs Los Angeles Valiant (VAL)

Los Angeles Valiant didn’t start out well at this event, and are having a lot of difficulty playing the new maps. In their battle against SEO, VAL not only lost 4-0 but were only able to win two rounds in an entire best of four match. Sure, they did win 3-0 against SHD, but even there one of the maps was a draw. Dallas Fuel are not exceptionally strong, but they do have the potential to win in the long run. This means that if VAL do not finish things quickly, they might end up losing the match. With a potential win here, odds of 2.10 on Dallas Fuel could double a stake.

Seoul Dynasty (SEO) Vs Dallas Fuel (DAL)

Seoul Dynasty are playing extremely well in Stage two. In their last two matches, they won all the maps except Hanamura. Of course the battles were not easy, but there is a definite improvement in their game. A glance at the Overwatch stats for this event show that the team have finally stopped underestimating other teams, and started playing more seriously. Dallas Fuel, incidentally, also won both their matches last week. In short, both these teams are performing reasonably well, but SEO are still the stronger team here. Seoul Dynasty are the likely win here, and with the odds on them running at 1.42, promise reasonable earnings and a very secure win.

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Overwatch stats on Dallas fuel

Image Credit: Dallas Fuel

Overwatch Stats, Match Predictions & Sure wins

Shanghai Dragons (SHD) Vs San Francisco Shock (SFS)

Though they’ve hired four new players, Shanghai Dragons continue to play with their old lineup. They have the option of using one of the new recruits, but for some reason have preferred not to do so. Overwatch stats show that this team aren’t playing at their full potential, which gives SFS an excellent chance at a win here, and with the odds on SFS running at 1.35, this is another match that promises secure earnings at reasonable odds.

Boston Uprising (BOS) Vs Florida Mayhem (FLA) – Lowest risk of all

Florida Mayhem are weakest team here after SHD, and show no improvement in their play, which means they’re definitely going down here. BOS defeated FLA badly in Stage one, but are still getting odds of 1.20. While many bettors may consider a stake at such odds not worthwhile, actually, this is such a sure win that a larger stake can still turn out easy and extremely secure winnings here.

Los Angeles Valiant (VAL) Vs San Francisco Shock (SFS)

VAL are one of the strongest teams at this event, and there’s no chance that SFS can turn out a win going up against them. However, SFS did defeat BOS more or less by chance in stage one, and that has resulted in higher odds on VAL than we’d otherwise expect. Those odds are running at 1.33 right about now, which are excellent odds for a match that is really as good as money in the bank. Stake very high here, because the most casual glance at the Overwatch stats shows that there’s no chance that VAL will lose, and a win would allow you to massively enhance your betting pool.

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Those are some of the most predictable matches with a range of high to reasonable odds. Of course, the element of risk varies, but it’s been carefully calculated in each case. Remember, these are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.