Double a Stake in the Fifth Week of the Overwatch League

Stage two of the Overwatch League is at an end, and once again New York Excelsior are leading the league ladder, followed by London Spitfire in second place. However, Houston Outlaws were not able to make the top six. If you remember, stage one was dominated by the Atlantic division. However, this is not the case in stage two. Three of the top six teams are from the Pacific division and three from the Atlantic division. There are still matches left in this week, and other teams still have a chance to make it to the top six, or even the top three. Everyone will be doing their best to get into the top three, since those three teams will qualify for stage two of the Playoffs.

Reasonable odds in the Overwatch League

Los Angeles Gladiators (GLA) Vs Philadelphia Fusion (PHI)

GLA are doing very well in this stage of the Overwatch League, and they are third on the league ladder. But they are still in danger of being booted from the top three, because they still have to participate in two more matches, and they are going up against Philadelphia Fusion and Boston Uprising. Last week GLA defeated London Spitfire and Houston Outlaws, upsetting the Overwatch world. Their next opponent is PHI, and they do have the potential to win against GLA. But what do the maps say?

The maps selected for the match are quite balanced. Both the teams excel in two of the four maps, and both have almost similar win rates in the overtime map, Ilios. But as we have seen, GLA are performing very well, defeating teams that defeated them in stage one. The stats favor GLA and despite their astounding performances in the last week they are still getting odds of 1.68 odds for this match.

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San Francisco Shock (SFS) Vs Florida Mayhem (FLA)

FLA have improved in skill over the last few weeks. However, this improvement hardly seems to matter, since they were still defeated by most of the teams here, and now are one of the three teams at the bottom of the league ladder. But because FLA have improved their plays, SFS have odds of 1.78 on them, which is really as good as doubling one’s stake. SFS still have a better overall win rate than FLA, in the Overwatch League, and putting a stake on them has better chances of garnering you a return.

Overwatch League San Francisco Shock

Image Credit: San Francisco Shock

Boston Uprising (BOS) Vs San Francisco Shock (SFS) – Double your stake

Both these teams are quite strong, and cannot be underestimated. Each team is the complete opposite of the other when it comes to their map pools. This means that they exactly counter each other. This could be very interesting, because even though they are similar in strength and capability, there is considerable difference in the odds being offered on each. are offering odds of 1.38 on BOS, and 2.79 on SFS, and as we have seen in the Overwatch League, maps do play a huge part in how a match plays out. For this match, both the teams get two of their best maps, but SFS have one advantage here. While BOS are dismal in SFS’ best maps, SFS are reasonably competent in BOS’ best maps. Here lies an opportunity to double you stake with moderate risk involved.

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