Analysts Pick Three Sure Wins in the Overwatch League…

London Spitfire have crumbled before the other teams in the Overwatch League, playing a total of six matches, and losing four of them. This is the first time that London Spitfire have lost four matches in a stage at this event, which makes their performance here the worst at this event yet. They can remain in the top three in this stage – but only if they win every single match remaining to them in this stage.

That’s the only way they can possibly make it, and the outlook isn’t good

They still have to face Los Angeles Gladiators, San Francisco Shock, Seoul Dynasty and Shanghai Dragons. Each of those teams, except for Shanghai Dragons, could take London Spitfire down, and they’ll have to be especially wary of Seoul Dynasty.

Boston Uprising, New York Excelsior and Los Angeles Valiant currently hold the top three places. Boston Uprising and New York Excelsior are playing very stably, and are likely to retain their positions, but the same cannot be said for Los Angeles Valiant. The team show no consistency in their play. However, this is Overwatch, where anything can happen, and matches swing any which way.

There are reasonable odds being offered on likely matches this week

So let’s take a look at some of those. Most of the matches below are virtually sure wins, which means that the odds range from 1.30 to 1.50 – however, each of them, and most especially the match between NYE and SFS, are as good as money in the bank.

Overwatch League – Los Angeles Gladiators Vs London Spitfire

With London Spitfire doing so badly in this stage, many members of the betting fraternity will undoubtedly be putting their money on the Gladiators. However, when you decide to do so, you need to consider whether Gladiators really do have a chance of beating Spitfire. Spitfire are doing badly for two reasons – one being that they have been unable to adapt to the new map, ‘Blizzard World’, included in hybrid mode in this stage. Also, while other teams have constantly adapted their playing style, Spitfire have remained static, using the same tactics they always do.

This obviously means that Gladiators do have some chance of beating them, but only if they manage to drag the match into the tiebreaker map. Otherwise, Spitfire have the advantage here, with a much better win rate than Gladiators in three of the four maps chosen for the match. Spitfire have reasonable odds on them, running at 1.65 as of now, and a bet on them is bound to prove lucrative.

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Overwatch League – New York Excelsior Vs San Francisco Shock

This match is a sure win for NYE. The changing map pool in each stage tends to filter out the less versatile teams. That’s not the case with New York Excelsior, whose game style tends to dominate no matter what the map pool. They’ve only lost one match in this stage, against Boston Uprising. Excelsior’s place here is certainly secure, since they’ve finished their matches against the top teams in the League.

San Francisco Shock simply don’t have what it takes to beat the best team in the Overwatch League, and it’s going to be nigh impossible for them to even drag the match to the tiebreaker. The odds being offered on New York Excelsior are running at 1.27, which is unexceptional, but a bet on them is as good as money in the bank.

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Overwatch League – Philadelphia Fusion Vs Seoul Dynasty

Here are two teams that – at first sight – seem to be performing to roughly the same level, since each of them has three wins and three losses. However, there’s a subtle difference there. Fusion’s wins have been against top teams, while Dynasty’s have been against small fry. Fusion is the best choice for this match, and with odds of 1.50 on them are a good deal for a sure win. We’ve also noticed that Fusion have been putting out consistently strong performances against top teams, and they are certainly the team to bet on here.

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Overwatch League crowds

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