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Massive Earnings on Calculated Risks Today in the Overwatch League - Esportsranks
Massive Earnings on Calculated Risks Today in the Overwatch League

Stage four is by far the most unpredictable stage in this season of the Overwatch league. The tables have turned, and teams like Los Angeles Valiant and Gladiators, that once would never have been seen as in the same league as  New York Excelsior, London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty are doing very well and have already made it to the title matches of this stage.

Everyone knows that New York Excelsior qualified for the playoffs of the Overwatch League by the end of stage three, so participating in stage four is just a formality for them, besides, of course, the $100,000 they could possibly win. The interesting fact is that the only two matches Excelsior lost in this stage were against Valiant and Gladiators.  There is more – both Valiant and Gladiators have also qualified for the playoffs, while London Spitfire is still struggling to qualify.

Overwatch League – Deception, or truth?

Did Excelsior lose on purpose to manipulate the outcome of the playoffs? We will never know for sure, of course, but what is certain is that Valiant and Gladiators have both been through a lot of roster changes, perfecting the playing style and effectiveness of their individual teams, and that could certainly be a reason for them winning matches in these later stages. Four out of the six slots in the playoffs are already taken. The fourth team to qualify are none other than Boston Uprising, this again being a team that won against Excelsior in stage three. Nevertheless, Excelsior have very good team management, and they seem confident in their players’ skills.

There is still plenty of action left for the last week of stage four of the Overwatch League, and here are some high-earning predictions for the upcoming matches.

New York Excelsior Vs Boston Uprising

Both these teams have already played five matches against each other, and as we mentioned before, the only time Boston Uprising won a match against Excelsior was in stage three of the Overwatch League. Both these teams have already booked their spots in playoffs, but Excelsior still need to win a match to qualify for the title matches. This indicates just how brutal this match is likely to be.

Both teams are playing without their head coaches, and have been playing rather inconsistently. This inconsistent play puts the issue into doubt, and gives Boston Uprising a chance at a win. Boston Uprising will do everything they can to stop Excelsior from advancing to the title matches of the Overwatch League. Nevertheless, the maps selected for this battle are rather against Boston, with them excelling in just one of the four maps chosen.

While these stats favour Excelsior, the overall stats of the two teams indicate there’s a definite possibility that Excelsior may lose here. With Boston getting massive odds of 5.67, this is an excellent chance at a calculated risk that could yield considerable returns.

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Houston Outlaws Vs Philadelphia Fusion

Philadelphia Fusion are just one win away from qualifying for the playoffs of the Overwatch League, while Houston Outlaws need to win all their matches with very good scores to do the same. This means that if Outlaws lose this one, they lose their chance at the playoffs in one fell sweep. These teams have faced each other three times with their current rosters, and each time the match dragged into a tiebreaker. Fusion won the tiebreaker each time, which makes them the dominating team here.

Both these teams have not made major changes to their rosters recently, and therefore know each other’s playing styles intimately. Out the four maps to be played, both teams dominate each other in one each, and have similar stats in the remaining two.

However, if the match goes into a tiebreaker, as it has three times before now, then Fusion have an undeniable advantage, because they are considerably better than Outlaws in Nepal. The safest choice here is to go with Philadelphia Fusion, and with the odds on them running at 1.55, they represent an excellent short at a sure with and excellent returns.

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Overwatch League

Image Credit: Overwatch

These are the most carefully formulated match predictions, by analysts who thoroughly study team histories and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for this event. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favourite Esports titles.