Good odds in Stage 2 of the Overwatch League – Double your Stake

The best thing about predicting matches for the Overwatch League is that the maps are decided in advance. This gives one a much better chance at predicting results, based upon what one already knows about the playing styles and strengths and weaknesses of competing teams. In our first match for the day we have a low-risk combination at good odds between London Spitfire and New York Excelsior.

Good Odds – London Spitfire (LDN) Vs New York Excelsior (NYE)

You might be surprised that this is our low risk pick for today, since these teams faced each other twice before, and each team won one match. That would seem to say that these teams are equally matched. However, the maps chosen for this battle are Volskaya Industries, Lijiang Tower, King’s Row and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. A best of three will be played in Ilios in case of a tie. Lijiang and Ilios are weak maps for LDN, and NYE have defeated them before in these maps quite easily. LDN may have won the finals of stage one, but overall, NYE are still the better team, and if the match does go into overtime, NYE are sure to win. This is a great chance at a low risk win at good odds, with the odds on NYE running at about 2.05.

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Good Odds – Dallas Fuel (DAL) Vs Los Angeles Gladiators (GLA)

DAL won the last match against GLA, but the pool of maps for this match is completely different, and that changes things quite a bit. The maps chosen for this match are Hanamura, Lijiang Tower, King’s Row and Watchpoint: Gibraltar. GLA have shown exceptional fighting skill in three of those maps, while DAL have had problems winning in them before now. Even though GLA may have lost their previous encounter with DAL, they’re likely to hit back hard here, and with the odds on them running at about 1.82 this is a good chance at a steady win.

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San Francisco Shock (SFS) Vs Seoul Dynasty (SEO)

Seoul Dynasty ended in the top six in the previous stage, and their last match there was with SFS. It was very intense, with the best of three going into a tiebreaker. While SEO have started out well in the second stage of this event, this match isn’t quite as one-sided as the incredible odds on SFS seem to imply. The match is likely to be close fought, and could ultimately swing either way, which, at incredible odds of 6.76 on SFS, is really worth a high-risk stake.

Good odds on SFS

Image Credit: SFS

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