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Playing Overwatch Genji Like a Pro - Tactics, Synergies, Skills and more... - Esportsranks
Playing Overwatch Genji Like a Pro – Tactics, Synergies, Skills and more…

Overwatch Genji is a powerful attack hero whose strength lies in the accuracy of his attacks, and his ability to reach the most difficult places on Overwatch maps. Indeed, thanks to his passive ability, he can not only climb walls like his brother Hanzo, but also perform double jumps. Genji’s double jumps are a very practical way to move from one roof top to another. Genji depends upon extreme speed to make contact with his opponents. He combines precision and velocity, and can attack from unexpected angles, which makes him rather a feared hero.

Lethal in melee battles when using his ultimate attack, Overwatch Genji is the very much the guerrilla fighter who appears, attacks and vanishes. Genji’s shuriken attacks are precision weapons that can destroy a supporting hero in two shots, but can also damage groups of enemies with a secondary attack that has an area of effect. Genji’s swift strike takes him forward quite a long way, while attacking enemy heroes in his path. His ultimate ability, called the dragonblade, works in rather a similar fashion, allowing you to destroy one opposing hero after another.

Overwatch Genji – Damage combined with mobility

While Genji’s shurikens may appear to be rather slow, they are actually a surpassingly dangerous weapon. As the shurikens launch one by one, moving the mouse around slightly as they do can allow the attack to spread to a small extent, actually giving it a sort of area of effect and giving you more chance of hitting an opponent. They also do considerable damage.

Genji’s extreme mobility makes him a formidable hero, and a good Genji player will take advantage of this. As a matter of fact, the best Genji players is a real threat to the opposition, and will usually cause the enemy team to forget strategy in focusing upon him. This can actually lead to the disruption of their tactics and a faster victory for your own team.

Overwatch Genji Katana

Image Credit: Blizzard

Overwatch Genji – Abilities and Skills


Genij’s shuriken are the primary weapon in his arsenal, and his basic method of dealing damage. They have to be used carefully, as they are slow, but to counter this, they are both extremely powerful and precise. Your left click allows you to launch three of these shurikens in a row, which is ideal for destroying a distant target. The right click allows you to launch three shurikens at the same time, but in three different directions. If you find yourself in a melee, that spread attack will allow you to take out or damage a  few enemies at the same time.

Remember that the shurikens, used either way, can deliver headshots

If the shurikens strike the opponent head, their damage is doubled. Just about the only disadvantage of shurikens is their travel time. They are visible as they move, and slow to reach their target. This means that when you use shurikens at reasonable range, you will have to use cunning when attacking, rather than facing your enemies head on.


Have you ever dreamed of seeing a Widowmaker sniper herself? Genji’s deflect skill makes this possible, returning to their senders all projectiles intended for him. It can return rockets, and even McCree’s ultimate ability. However, it has to be timed carefully to maximize its effectiveness. Deflect is not, of course, an attack, since it is more properly a sort of barrier that can protect Overwatch Genji for a few seconds.

While it is not optimal while you are moving, it becomes a formidable defense if you happen to be stationary. It is especially effective against characters putting out high DPS, like Bastion, who will be destroyed in seconds under the effects of its own weaponry. Do remember that there are even a few ultimates that can be deflected to their senders if you time things correctly.

Swift Strike

When he uses the swift strike ability, Overwatch Genji unsheathes his katana and charges forward, cutting at enemies along his path. Opponents that are cut will bleed and take damage over time. The swift strike is a keystone of Genji’s gameplay, because if you kill a target, its cooldown resets instantly. In other words, if you manage to kill a target, you can then target and kill another target almost instantly. Alternatively, the swift strike allows you to escape from the vicinity of a target after killing it if the situation has become too dangerous.

The swift strike is an excellent guerilla tactic

It allows you to attack a target, and then escape extremely rapidly. It is even more powerful when used in combination with other abilities. For example, attacking an opponent with shurikens and then using the swift strike, will either kill the target, or cause enough confusion for you to either escape, or to attack a different target.

Remember that this ability can used both for the movement speed itself, as well as to dodge damage. It need not be used purely for attack. You can use it to quickly close the distance between you and an opponent, or to immediately escape if you are trapped in melee combat against powerful enemies who could destroy you.

Genji’s ultimate ability – the Dragonblade

Overwatch Genji draws his katana with his ultimate ability, which lasts around six seconds. Once you unleash this ability, your damage becomes overwhelming, and your enemies have only two choices – to flee or to die. The real difficulty of playing this hero remains in the use of his ultimate ability, because even if you inflict enormous damage, you remain very fragile, and you will have to use all your agility to take advantage of your katana’s capabilities.

The dragonblade essentially are acts as a sort of buff that massively enhances your damage and speed. While it lasts a very short time, it is utterly lethal in compact groups of enemies. Remember that you will have to get into close up melee, as the weapon has a relatively short range.

Even a tank will rarely take more than three blows to be destroyed, but your priority when using this ability is to take out opposing healers and DPS heroes, as in dealing with these, you will rarely ever have to make more than a couple of cuts per opponent.

Overwatch Genji Dragonblade

Image Credit: Blizzard

Genji’s official story

Genji’s name is Genji Shimada, and he is a cybernetic ninja who once rejected his machine body, but finally attained peace in using it. A younger son of the master of the Shimada clan, Genji led a spoiled and luxurious existence. While his family’s businesses were mostly illegal, these did not interest him. Despite the impressive talents and capabilities that were revealed in the course of his training, Genji tended to live a relaxed life. Many clan members were disturbed by this, and considered Genji a risk to the family’s fortunes.

A battle between brothers

When his father died, his elder brother Hanzo tried to make Genji take a more active role in the empire of the Shimada clan. When Genji rejected Hanzo’s request, it led to a violent battle between the two in which Hanzo almost killed Genji, and thought that he had. However, Overwatch operators intervened to safe Genji’s life under the leadership of Dr. Angela Ziegler. Overwatch felt that Genji superior ninja skills were a considerable asset to their organization, even as the organization moved against the Shimada clan.

Man to machine

Though he was severely wounded, Genji still lived, and Overwatch were forced to restore his body using machine components and cybernetic parts. While this left him not quite human, it massively increased his agility and combat speed. His ninja skills were also considerably enhanced. Genji became a sort of living weapon system, and returned to attack the crime empire of the Shimada clan.

What is the best way to play Genji?

Since Genji is one of the most mobile characters in Overwatch, and one of the best possible flanking attackers, this is the way you must use him. His ability to harass opponents with his shurikens, his deflect skill, and his enormous damage in melee combat can allow him to annihilate a team whose main focus is elsewhere, almost completely on his own. As he is a flanking hero, the most advantageous maps for him are those where it is possible for him to go for isolated and fragile targets.

Genji is less effective against a highly coordinated team that plays together. However, his playing style actually suits almost every map, and allows him to be effective everywhere. Whether Genji is used or not depends upon the composition of the opposing team, and their style of playing. We’ll take a closer look at this in the synergies and the counters that we will discuss a little later.

Commands for Genji

  • Genji’s left click throws shurikens.
  • Genji’s right click throws three shurikens at once.
  • Press shift to dash at an enemy, or to climb a wall.
  • Use E to activate his deflect ability.
  • Press A to use the dragonblade.
Overwatch Genji Concept art

Image Credit: Blizzard

Tips while playing Genji

Genji’s most useful capability is the fact that his swift strike resets when he downs an opponent. One thing that many people do not perhaps realize is that the cooldown of the swift strike tends to reset even if kill isn’t actually made with the swift strike itself. Yes, if you make a kill with another ability, the cooldown of the swift strike nevertheless resets. Never forget that Genji’s deflect capability not only deflects projectiles and bullets, but the ultimates of characters like Pharah, McCree, or even Zarya. The timing is crucial here so you will have to practice it with one of your teammates.

Optimize Genji’s agility

You must intensively practice using Genji’s wall climbing ability and his double jump, as this makes him one of the most agile characters in Overwatch, and allows him to reach areas of the map that many less mobile characters cannot possibly attain. Also remember that the wall climb and the double jump can be used to escape a tough melee combat that you are losing. Remember that a wall climb, or the shift strike, can interrupt the deflect ability if you need to do so.

Combat Combinations

Genji is optimal in melee combat, so remember that in hand to hand confrontations your opponents are likely to be completely routed by your agility and speed.

  • With an enemy placed directly ahead of you, a good combination is to throw your shurikens and then engage in a melee attack, before using your swift strike capability to not only attack the opponent but to also move past him and escape. The advantage of using this is that if you manage to kill your opponent in this confrontation, the swift strike’s countdown is instantly reset.
  • If your opponent is some distance away, a good combination is to fling your shurikens and immediately use the swift strike so that your melee attack arrives almost at the same time as the shuriken themselves. Once you move past your opponent, turn around and engage the opponent with the melee attack.
  • Another excellent combination is to use your swift strike on an opposing hero, and then trigger your ultimate. This will allow your deflect skill time to reset, which you can then use to evade projectiles, and use your swift strike to either kill another opponent or to escape.

Overwatch Genji – Synergies

Genji needs protection and a lot of healing. Zenyatta and Ana are excellent synergies with Genji, allowing him to receive healing even if he is at a distant from them, or in a position dominated by the enemy. Zenyatta’s orb of harmony can also be used to heal Genji. Ana is a particularly good synergy with Genji, as her ultimate allows him to better use his own ultimate as well, letting him to move much faster and deal more damage.

Zarya, Winston and Widowmaker form extremely devastating combos with Genji.

Moreover, Zarya is also able to shield Genji to protect him. Widowmaker or Winston are also a good accompaniment to Genji, as Widowmaker can finish off his targets, while Winston can provide a distraction so that Genji can move in for the kill.

Winston is also able to follow Genji as he moves around the map, with speed and mobility that is almost equal to Genji’s. Winston can disorganize a defense so that the Genji can slip in to kill opponents unawares. If things become critical Winston’s shield be the difference between life and death.

Overwatch Genji swift strike

Image Credit: Blizzard

Overwatch Genji is strong against…

Genji is usually strong against low mobility heroes who have few hit points, such as Zenyatta. Junkrat and Sombra can also quickly be destroyed by the deflect capability, and Genji’s massive damage. Orissa will find it difficult to kill a character as fast and mobile as Genji.

Mercy and Widowmaker

Mercy and Widowmaker will usually be behind their team, and your extremely mobility should allow you to reach and kill them without much difficulty. This can be a massive benefit to your team, depriving the enemy team of their healer or long range DPS.


Genji’s shurikens are very effective against Bastion at long range, and will do a lot of damage. You can take advantage of the fact that this character is more or less motionless to deliver headshots, and thus to force him to move. Your deflect capability is absolutely lethal against Bastion because of his heavy damage.


Overwatch Genji is particularly powerful against his brother Hanzo because he can return all of Hanzo’s arrows with his deflect ability. Besides this, Genji’s extreme mobility makes it difficult for Hanzo to reach him with his arrows. Genji is also far superior to his brother in a hand-to-hand combat duel.

Overwatch Genji – Weaknesses

In addition to being one of the most difficult characters to master, Overwatch Genji is a character who excels in certain situations and against certain heroes, so you should be careful when you chose to play him. Genji’s main weakness is the fact that he is rather fragile, which makes every engagement a serious risk in which he escapes being killed only through his agility and combat skill.

Another weakness of Genji is that he is a marauding hero who has to try to flank the opposition, which can leave him isolated in enemy dominated areas. 

Heroes that are most difficult for Overwatch Genji to play – or even impossible – are those whose attack cannot be returned by Genji’s deflect capability. These includes Zarya’s and Symmetra’s weaponry, and Mei’s primary fire. Beware of Winston’s tesla cannons, as you cannot deflect them. Genji is also a precision hero, which means that aiming can be difficult as he is also very mobile. Genji finds it difficult to face enemy heroes who are equally mobile.


Mei’s freeze is very powerful as it can slow down or even freeze Genji, completely destroying the advantage of his mobility. In addition, Mei’s basic attack cannot be deflected by Genji.

Genji also has to be very careful of Roadhog and Torbjörn

It’s not that he cannot play at all when these heroes are on a map, but Torbjörn’s turrets are extremely limiting, and if Roadhog catches you with his steel hook, you are doomed. While McCree’s ultimate can be deflected by Genji, a good McCree player can aim his grenade at Genji’s feet, avoiding the deflect ability, and then unload his weapon into Genji.

The best maps for Overwatch Genji

The best maps for Genji are Hollywood, Temple of Anubis and Road 66. Genji excels at maps like Hollywood because it is an open area that allows the mobility of Genji to be most effective.

Temple of Anubis and its many passages allow Genji to move between all these potential entrances. This allows Genji to attack any support that may have moved out of range of a protective tank.

Route 66 is another map that, like Hollywood, allows Genji to explore his full potential. In this map he is able to move around his opponents with disconcerting ease.

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Overwatch Genji cybernetic ninja

Image Credit: Blizzard

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