Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs Semifinals – Misfits & Gigantti Secure Finals

Overwatch Contenders Season One playoffs semifinals kicked off with 2 European pairs. The favourites Misfits faced a challenge in Cloud9, while Team Gigantti needed exactly 1-2-3 games to dispatch 123.

Misfits vs. Cloud9

Misfits actually lost on the first map, Oasis. Cloud9 finished both rounds on 100%, while Misfits only managed 99% and 50% respectively.

Misfits equalized on Eichenwalde by reaching all 3 checkpoints, but failing to capture the final one in time. Cloud9 got stuck on the first checkpoint, pushing only 74.44 meters before the end of the round.

Third map was Volskaya Industries. Misfits emerged victorious again, capturing the second checkpoint with a game sealing 33.3% 45 second before the end of the round.

Cloud9 made the series go to distance on Watchpoint: Gibraltar by pushing further ahead.

The deciding game was held on Ilios. Misfits finished both rounds on 100%, while Cloud9 only managed 17% and 92%.

Team Gigantti vs. 123

Unlike the first series, Team Gigantti made rather quick work of 123.

First map was Ilios. 123 won Round 1, but Gigantti equalized in Round 2. The tiebreaker round went to Gigantti as well, making it crystal clear who the eventual winners are.

Second game was on Eichenwalde. Both teams got to all 3 checkpoints, but 123 failed to even beging capturing the third one. Gigantti, on the other hand, had 22 seconds left after hitting the 33.3% checkmark.

The third map was Temple of Anubis. Both teams managed only the first checkpoint, but 123 got stuck at 64.8% capture progress. Gigantti didn’t have such problems, securing the sweeping Bo5 win in the end.


The first North American pair ended up in a sweeping victory for the favourites. FNRGFE couldn’t finish either of the two rounds on Oasis, getting stuck at 99%. On the other hand, EnVyUs showed us how a real Overwatch professional team does it, finishing both rounds on 100% convincingly.

The other two maps were dominant victories for EnVyUs by large. They only needed to push 59.58 meters on Eichenwalde, and they still had more than a minute and a half left on the timer.

They closed out the series by heavily diving in on Temple of Anubis, closing the game and the series 5 minutes before the deadline.

A truly scary and highly trained team!

FaZe Clan vs EnVision

Despite the news of FaZe Clan getting disbanded soon after the OW Contenders playoffs, the popular meme masters dealt with EnVision quite convincingly in the end.

EnVision actually took the first map, Ilios, quite convincingly. This pushed FaZe clan to shift gears on Hollywood as they pushed more distance than EnVision 70 seconds before the end.

Third game was held on Volskaya Industries, and FaZe Clan crushed EnVySion more than 2 minutes before the end of the game.

The fourth and final game led us to Route 66, where FaZe Clan snatched another win with more than 2 minutes left on the timer.

Finals Betting

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Good luck and don’t go too wild with these tomorrow!

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Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs Semifinals Blizzard_Arena Crowd

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