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Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs Finals – EnVyUs & Gigantti Are the New Champions - Esportsranks
Overwatch Contenders Season One Playoffs Finals – EnVyUs & Gigantti Are the New Champions

The European Overwatch Contenders Season One playoffs finals went the distance. North American finals ended up in a clean sweep for EnVyUs. Here’s a summary of both finals pairs.

Misfits vs. Team Gigantti

First up on the schedule was the European showdown.

Despite being slightly favoured over Team Gigantti, Misfits missed the chance to take the EU Overwatch Contenders crown. The Bo7 series went the absolute distance, with both teams playing to the utmost of their professional abilities.

Team Gigantti opened up with a win on Oasis. Misfits got to 99% in the first round. However, in the second round, they got denied half way through at 48%. The Finn squad made it clear they didn’t come to lose.

Both the second and the fifth match were played on Eichenwalde, and it seems that Misfits got that map in their pinky fingers. They finished the second match with 65 seconds left on the timer. Team Gigantti managed only the first of the three checkpoints, pushing through roughly 118 meters.

However, the fifth match was much closer. Neither team reached the third checkopoint, but Misfits still won by pushing some 20 meters farther than Team Gigantti.


Credit: Twitch.tv

Temple of Anubis was the map of choice for the third and sixth match. In the third, Team Gigantti managed to get the second checkpoint with 17 seconds left on the timer, while Misfits only got the first checkpoint.

Sixth match went to Misfits though, and they did way quicker than Team Gigantti in the third, as there were more than 2 minutes of the time remaining.

Fourth match was played on Route 66. Misfits didn’t manage to reach even the first checkpoint, pushing only around 81 meters in. Team Gigantti, on the other hand, blew through that distance with a minute and a half of time left.

The tiebreaker was to be decided on Ilios. Misfits simply couldn’t find a solution for Team Gigantti’s fluid control map teamplay. In a similar fashion as in the first match, first round was close, but Misfits simply couldn’t seal it again. Team Gigantti had no problem finishing this time around too.

However, in the second round, Misfits got stopped at 85%. Team Gigantti sealed the lengthy series by finishing the round on their turn. This was the end of Misfits, and quite an accomplishment for former Ninjas in Pyjamas.

EnVyUs vs. FaZe


Credit: Twitch.tv

In a complete opposite display of power and dominance, EnVyUs completely obliterated FaZe Clan, sweeping the soon-to-be disbanded team.

The first match on Ilios made it evident EnVyUs is leaps and bounds over FaZe. FaZe Clan reached 59% and 74% in the first and second round respectively. On the other hand, EnVyUs finished both of their rounds convincingly.

Then, on Hollywood, EnVyUs opted to swap their star player Seagull with Mickie. This seemed to work, as FaZe failed to reach the second checkpoint, pushing through a little over 100 meters. EnVyUs rushed over the same distance with more than 2 minutes of game time left, winning easily.

Mickie kept playing through the third match, but it was much closer than the first two. EnVyUs nailed it in the end, but Seagull was back in action for the potential series sealing fourth match.

And it was a success! Both teams blew through their allocated playtimes, but EnVyUs got more checkpoints in the end, confirming their undisputed status as the best team in North America!