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Overwatch Balance Changes and a new map - Horizon Lunar Colony - Esportsranks
Overwatch Balance Changes and a new map – Horizon Lunar Colony

Third new Overwatch map since the release of the Blizzard’s popular first person shooter is now live! The new update brings some Overwatch balance changes and the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

Horizon Lunar Colony – the new Overwatch map

The developers announced the new map – Horizon Lunar Colony – a couple of weeks back. In this map, Blizzard takes us to the surface of the moon, to a place where Winston grew up and became what he is today. Horizon Lunar Colony is also a place where in the past various morally questionable experiments were conducted on gorillas.

Horizon Lunar Colony

The Horizon Lunar Colony is a moonbase established by humans to renew the space exploration. A group of genetically enhanced gorillas worked alongside scientists in the base. The scientists wanted to test the effects of prolonged stay in space. However, some gorillas demonstrated adverse reactions to the genetic therapy, which eventually led to the uprising – resulting in gorillas killing the staff members and claiming the station for themselves. Think Planet of the Apes, in outer space kinda.

Nowadays this research lab is abandoned, which makes it an ideal place for epic clashes of Overwatch heroes and anti-heroes. Developers designed the map as a two-capture-point assault, but also the first Overwatch map that is in an almost entirely enclosed space. You will only be able to briefly leave the lab and walk on the surface of the moon. Developers made the moon’s gravity effect realistically low.

Designers in the video where the map is presented discuss various small details, regarding aesthetics but also some gameplay decisions. We recommend you to watch it, since this is an interesting content for every fan of the Overwatch world.

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Patch Notes and Overwatch Balance Changes

The headline of this patch is clearly the Horizon Lunar Colony map. Besides that, we have two new legendary skins – Oni Genji and Officer D.Va and several hero balance changes.

Overwatch Balance Changes

Reaper has his heal redesigned. Now, instead of health orbs that opponents drop upon death, Reaper has a passive heal – scaled at 20% of the damage dealt. We can only jump into the game and see the effect of these changes, but we assume that this healing mechanic will buff Reaper since the heal gained from dealing damage will benefit him much more in duels rather than picking the globes after opponents are already dead.

Roadhog has his head hitbox decreased by 20%. This means that it will be harder to get a headshot on the big fellow. His weapon is also rebalanced. It now deals 33% less damage but fires rounds 30% faster. Although it is now harder to hit Roadhog in the head, we believe that these changes are a nerf for him. The damage reduction will decrease kill potential of his hook combo.

Another hero affected by balance changes is McCree. His ult can deal a lot of damage, but often times the opponents could stop or kill you before you locked on the targets. Targets now begin locking on after 0.2 seconds instead of the prior 0.8 seconds. Also the damage accumulated over the first second is increased from 20 to 80. The damage per second accumulation after the first second remains the same. Its high noon!

About these and all other improvements and changes you can read in the official patch notes.

Let us know what you think about the Overwatch balance changes and the new map on twitter.