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Operation Hydra to Shut Down Within a Week - Esportsranks
Operation Hydra to Shut Down Within a Week

If you’re a CS:GO Operation Hydra fan, you’ll be heartbroken to know that it’ll be closing down within the week. The most famous operation in the history of Counter Strike now draws to a close, with its astonishing maps and custom game modes soon to be taken out of circulation.

Brilliant Maps

Operation Hydra thrill map

If you’ve not tried Operation Hydra, we suggest you do so now! It really is the best thing in recent CS:GO history. The special maps it brings into play are truly worth exploring and playing in.

Tomorrow is the last day to buy an Operation Hydra Pass, and that will last you to the 13th of this month.

Cool game modes can be voted into official CS:GO

Operation Hydra is not just an interesting experience for the avid CS:GO player – it is also a test bed for emerging CS:GO play mechanics and game modes. Valve will be carefully monitoring game-play during the last month of Operation Hydra, and actually intends to add the most-played game modes to official CS:GO. So play the modes you like best in this last week, and you may well see those modes enter the official CS:GO universe through your efforts!

For those who haven’t yet tried Operation Hydra, there are some really cool game modes. The Heavy Assault Suit is a personal favorite – it makes you feel almost like a humanoid battle tank, as you wade into the midst of battle, dealing damage to your enemies, and taking everything they’ve got.

Operation Hydra Heavy Assault Suit

Then there’s the headshots-only mode, which is a great way to push your headshot capability to superlative levels. There’s Wingman, which allows close friends to watch each other’s backs as they crush similar opposing teams.

Operation Hydra Wing Man

And there’s plenty more. Close-combat-only with knives and TASERs. Yesssss!! Or try low gravity, and use extreme agility and superb combat capability to slay your opponents ‘mid-flight’.

Operation Hydra Low Gravity

‘Trigger Discipline’ lets you ‘psyche’ enemies into missing the shot, while you splatter them all over the sidewalk.

Operation Hydra Trigger Discipline

Why do we recommend Operation Hydra?

It doesn’t profit us. It’s just really cool, and a wonderful experience for the enthusiastic CS:GO player, whether veteran or ‘recruit’.

The unique maps associated with it – brilliant creations like Insertion and Black Gold, Agency, Shipped, Lite, Thrill, Dizzy and Rialto, might be gone at the end of the week, and some or all of them may never return. Though we hope they will. In any case, this is your last chance to go all out and experience the longest-running CS:GO experience of all time.

Operation Hydra agency map

Besides, remember that the most played modes are actually ‘voted’ into mainstream CS:GO. So if you really like something, your simply being there, and playing, could make it a part of CS:GO in the years to come!

Operation Hydra is about to die.

Get in the last shots.

Operation Hydra

We thank Valve and Operation Hydra for the images used on this page.

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