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Opening Plays, Match Predictions for DreamHack Masters Malmö - Esportsranks
Opening Plays, Match Predictions for DreamHack Masters Malmö

Many teams that did very well last year have failed to live up to expectations in recent months, while others are at the top of their form. We’ve thoroughly analyzed each competing team’s performances all through this year to get an accurate idea of what they can (and cannot) achieve in this event. This is used to isolate a set of ‘sure-win’ rounds in the opening plays of this first day of the event. Not only is each of the match predictions for DreamHack Masters Malmö (below) linked to a detailed analysis, but there are sometimes alternate predictions for those who want to ‘hedge their bets’.

The Schedule for the day

There are two streams of matches on the first day of the competition… this makes for an extremely accelerated schedule, and for an exciting and extremely intense series.

We’ve listed which teams will be competing in each match below. All the matches will be the best of one (BO1). All times listed below are Central European Summer Time (CEST).

The 16 competing teams have been divided into 4 groups…

Group A

SK Gaming, Cloud9, North and BOOT-ds.

Group B

Virtus.Pro, Astralis, Natus Vincere and Renegades.

Group C

FaZe Clan, mousesports, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Gambit Esports.

Group D

G2 Esports, Fnatic, Team EnVyUs and Immortals.

Let’s look at the matches slated for today, and then we’ll talk about the most reliable match-predictions of the day…

‘Mainstream’ Matches for Today:

13:00-14:30 – SK vs. BOOT-ds

14:30-16:00 – Virtus.Pro vs. Natus Vincere

16:00-17:30 – Immortals vs. Fnatic

17:30-19:00 – FaZe Clan vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas

19:00-20:30 – Group B-Elimination Match

20:30-22:00 – Group C-Elimination Match

Match Predictions for DreamHack Masters Malmö:

The Mainstream Matches

We’ll not be discussing all the matches here, obviously. Instead, we’ll be focusing on those matches that are actually worth risking a stake on. Not all these matches will be big earners. However, a good bet is one you make money on, rather than lose money on. This is an excellent long-term policy for anyone in the betting fraternity, and one that creates reliable profits.

SK vs. BOOT-ds

It takes no particular skill to predict that SK will win against BOOT-ds. You won’t be winning much, but the chances of a loss are negligible. If you’d like to hedge your bets, put a small percentage of your stake on BOOT-ds as well. Wins on BOOT-ds could win seven times the staked amount, as of the moment. The odds on SK Gaming are just 1.07.

But SK Gaming are the reliable bet, not BOOT-ds. This bet is pretty sure, but winnings will be low.

The next match we’ve short-listed pays better.

FaZe Clan vs. Ninjas in Pyjamas

The match between FaZe Clan and Ninjas in Pyjamas promises reliable winnings if you put your stake on FaZe. Yes, Ninjas in Pyjamas did win Dreamhack Masters the last time around, but their performance this year has been dismal, and there is little chance that they will win a BO1 match against FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan is in excellent form, and they now have Olof on their roster as well. Bet on FaZe Clan… the odds are running at about 1.50 right about now, and it’s a good opportunity to win on reasonable terms.

The rest of the matches in this stream are not reliable, and most could go either way. One can risk a stake, of course, but you would be trusting it entirely to luck.

‘Second Stream’ Matches:

 13:00-14:30 – Astralis vs. Renegades

14:30-16:00 – North vs. Cloud9

16:00-17:30 – Gambit Esports vs. mousesports

17:30-19:00 – G2 Esports vs. Team EnVyUs

19:00-20:30 – Group A-Elimination Match

20:30-22:00 – Group D-Elimination Match

Match Predictions for DreamHack Masters Malmö:

The Second Stream Matches

Astralis vs. Renegades

In this section, your best chances are Astralis vs. Renegades.

Astralis is currently ranked second among CS:GO teams worldwide. Renegades, on the other hand, hasn’t done at all well playing against top-tier teams this year. A bet on Astralis offers reasonable winnings at odds of about 1.22.

It’s not a bet you can lose. Astralis is not going to lose against Renegades in a BO1 round, not this week.

Other Teams to bet on in the Second Stream

The rest of the matches are likely to be hard-fought, and are not sure bets. If you’d still like to risk a stake, the teams to bet on are North, Gambit Esports and G2 Esports. These teams may well dominate their opponents, though none as well as Astralis will dominate Renegades.

Here’s the final list of possible stakes for today…

I’ll summarize our match predictions for DreamHack Masters Malmö today.

Your best chances lie with SK Gaming or Astralis – you can win a reasonable amount, and there’s little risk of losing your money. If you feel you’re not getting good enough odds (in the case of SK Gaming, for example), you can increase the stake, but don’t switch the bet.

If you’re willing to take reasonable risks, your best bets lie with FaZe Clan, North, Gambit Esports and G2 Esports. The odds will be better, and the risk is still within reasonable margins.

Stay tuned for a detailed day-by-day betting analysis for DreamHack Masters Malmö.

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