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Can OG Secure a Spot in the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs Tomorrow? - Esportsranks
Can OG Secure a Spot in the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs Tomorrow?

Less than 24 hours from now, we’ll know which teams will join Team Kinguin in the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs in Day 3 of the so-called Winter WonderLAN.

As of now, Virtus Pro and OpTic Gaming are the front-runners in their respective groups. The latter have a better chance by virtue of Fnatic being too inconsistent to go 3-0 against LGD Gaming tomorrow. Though the former, who currently lead the group with 3 points, also have a good chance of advancing to the playoffs, as OG will need to win 5 out of 6 of their matches tomorrow take the group lead, or win at least 4 (while sweeping either one of Sacred or Virtus Pro).

Having said that, we’re here to take a look at the numbers to see how well OG matches up against Sacred and Virtus Pro. 

Note: The three-game series of the matches during the group stages are essentially three consecutive best-of-ones. Meaning, they’re not exactly the safest for those who want to make bank. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

How Well Does OG Match Up Against Sacred?

No offense to Sacred, but they’re the least likely Dota 2 team playing in the tournament to advance to the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs. They’re good, at least, on a regional level. They’re even arguably a better team than both SG e-sports and Infamous. However, there’s little reason to believe that Sacred will do better against international competition compared to the other teams from South America.

Now, OG are not immune to upsets, as proven by their loss against Infamous during the group stages of the MDL Macau Minor. Their tendency to make games longer than they should will always be their biggest weakness. So, Sacred do have a chance. But, for them to take more than one game off of OG, a lot of things will have to happen in their favour, which is highly unlikely as OG are in as good of a form as they’ve ever been all season long.

Smart Money: Knowing full well what’s at stake, expect OG to go in for the sweep. Although, regardless of the outcome, expect all three games to go “over 32.5 minutes”.

Can OG Sweep Virtus Pro?

It’d be a perfect ending for OG if they swept Virtus Pro tomorrow and went 6-0 to advance to the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see that happening. Especially since the CIS bears seem to have adjusted well to life without their captain. Although it’s probably not surprising that Ivan ‘Artstyle‘ Antonov took little time to find his footing within the squad considering that he has coached the team since their inception last August 2016.

Luckily, OG will only need to take two games off of Virtus Pro if they sweep Sacred, which isn’t beyond the realm of possibility.

Smart Money: OG have this in the bag. They’re coming off a Minor win in Macau and will likely want to keep the momentum going with another tournament win. But, since the series is essentially three consecutive BO1 matches, you may want to skip the matches themselves. Instead, look to the matches to “go over 33:00” and for Virtus Pro to be the “first to 10 kills” in all three games.

Fnatic vs LGD Gaming

Smart Money: Can Fnatic sweep LGD Gaming to advance to the Dota Summit 8 Playoffs? Maybe. Maybe not. It’s hard to pinpoint just how good of a team LGD Gaming is. They’ve been very inconsistent since Chen ‘Victoria’ Guanhong returned from injury. But then again, you could say the same for Fnatic. Given the level of uncertainty, one thing we can at least count on is for the games to last “over 32.5 minutes”. Though LGD Gaming have lost more than they’ve won over their past 10 games, they called gg well over the half-hour mark most of the time. Not to mention Fnatic are also a team that typically take their time in their matches.

These are carefully crafted match predictions, made by a team of analysts who studied each team’s history and playing styles. Stay tuned for more match-by-match analyses and predictions for the Dota Summit 8 LAN Finals. 

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