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OG Bids Farewell to Pajkatt after Short Stint - Esportsranks
OG Bids Farewell to Pajkatt after Short Stint

The reigning The International 2018 champions, OG, have decided to let go of their hard carry, Per Anders ‘Pajkatt’ Olsson Lille, who they added to their roster in late November after taking an extended break from competitive Dota 2.

“We realized that there was not enough space in OG for Pajkatt to express his full potential” said OG in their official statement. “Team chemistry is a very complex matter, and regardless of how competent an individual is, sometimes the puzzle just doesn’t come together.”

Pajkatt, 26, appeared in only 12 matches with OG. In total, he averaged a 5.55 KDA, which was tops on the team. He also posted an average of 612 GPM and 590 XPM in the 12 matches he played with OG. In his short time, Pajkatt would help OG secure a spot at the Bucharest Minor. He did not fly and play alongside the rest of OG at the AMD Dota 2 Pro Series 2018 tournament in Australia. Instead, OG elected to play with free agent, Kim ‘QO‘ Sun Yeob, as their stand-in.

The Swedish professional Dota 2 player came into the OG lineup as the replacement for Anathan ‘ana‘ Pham in late November. However, it seems that his calculated and safe play style didn’t mesh so well with the rest of the team.

OG will now only have a week left to look for a replacement for the Bucharest Minor.

Who’s Going to Replace Pajkatt in OG?


A young, upcoming player, Exotic_Deer could serve as the perfect addition to OG. (Team Kinguin)

OG’s decision to pick up Pajkatt as their replacement for ana already seemed iffy when they first announced it.

Having said that, the question now is, who is OG going to tab to replace Pajkatt?

In their statement, OG said that they will be “holding try-outs to fill out the carry position”. However, interestingly enough, they also added that they will release their replacement for Pajkatt tomorrow. This means that they’re probably currently holding try-outs as we speak. Either that, or they already have a replacement chosen and are just simply waiting for the contract to finalize. Or, if the said player will be available for the Bucharest Minor next week.

Among the standouts in the current crop of free agents is Polish professional Dota 2 player, Nathan ‘Exotic_Deer‘ Michalewicz. He was one of the standout players for Team Kinguin last season. Another possible replacement is Igor ‘iLTW‘ Filatov. The 19-year-old played as a temporary stand-in for OG at the Regional Qualifiers for the Bucharest Minor.

Pajkatt spent last season with OpTic Gaming, where he had a solid season as one of the least risk-averse players on the scene. He would win his first LAN tournament ever with OpTic Gaming and placed Top 8 at The International 2018. However, he would go unsigned after OpTic Gaming disbanded, going relatively unheard of until his signing with OG.

OG served as Pajkatt’s sixteenth team in 8 years.

Who do you think OG should pick up to replace Pajkatt? Where will Pajkatt go next? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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