NYC Chris lifts eChampions League trophy in tournament blighted by problems

It has been a common theme throughout the FIFA season for certain tournaments and their results to be followed by an asterisk. An amendment for those in the future looking back that while a player lifted the trophy on this particular occasion enough went wrong throughout the day to basically invalidate any result. The eChampions League Finals was such an occasion.

It was said best by that man himself Christopher “NYC Chris” Holly during his semi-final game against Marcus “Marcuzo” Jørgensen. With the game deep into extra-time, NYC Chris had cut Marcuzo open with a slick passing move and as he went to shoot his player simply passed the ball to the opposing keeper. A death rattle of, “Fuck this game!” rang out over the broadcast. The commentators were taken aback, and after composing themselves they could only say. “Perhaps he is saying it better than we ever could have.” Yes, quite.

That portion of the game would have to be replayed after it was found NYC Chris had more than the allotted 3 Icons on the pitch. Something which happened TWICE this weekend, you would think the organizers would have learned their lesson.

They didn’t, and with the match taken back to the start of extra-time NYC Chris would book his place in the final to the chagrin of Marcus who took to Twitter to let his feelings be known.

This was just one instance, there were others. Zezinho committed a similar error in his game vs Joksan and there was also a number of crashes and interruptions that broke the flow of the broadcast.

NYC Chris was the man who rose above though and for that he has to be given credit. He would go on to defeat Ivan “DrNightWatch” 7-3 in the final taking home the $100,000 and 850 Global Series Points and in the history books that is all that matters.

After the eChampions League – What Next?

FIFA Global Series FIFA eworld cup 2018 qualification eChampions League

As the regular season draws to a close, in some ways the action is just getting started. 

June 19th is the date for your calendar. The Global Series Playoffs will be kicking off with 64 of the worlds best players from both consoles fighting it out for a spot at the FIFA eWorld Cup.

Check back here for previews and predictions in the lead up to the event.


What did you make of the eChampions League? Was NYC Chris a worthy winner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.