NRG Esports Officially Welcome Tarik to their CS:GO Roster

Former Cloud9 captain and MiBR member, Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik, finds a new home in NRG Esports after spending months on the sideline since MiBR released him to make room for their all-Brazilian roster.

NRG eSports made the announcement on Thursday via Twitter.

VPEsport’ Steven Cropley was the first to report on NRG Esports’ acquisition of the ELEAGUE Boston Major MVP as the pick-up comes at a much-needed time for the North American organization.

As one of the up-and-coming CS:GO teams in the scene, NRG Esports were expected to have a good showing at the IEM Katowice Major. Although they managed to sweep through the New Challengers stage, their run at the New Legends stage was disappointing. After going 3-0 in the first leg of the Major, they went an underwhelming 0-3 in the second leg, where two of their matches were up against teams who didn’t even make it to the next stage of the tournament.

With that said, adding the 23-year-old should only help NRG Esports improve. He brings a lot of firepower, talent, and experience playing at the top level along with him.

As presently constructed, the NRG eSports CS:GO roster is now made up of the following players:

— Damian ‘daps‘ Steele
— Vincent ‘Brehze‘ Cayonte
— Cvetelin ‘CeRq‘ Dimitrov
— Ethan ‘Ethan‘ Arnold
— Tarik ‘tarik‘ Celik
— Chet ‘ImAPet‘ Singh

What Does Tarik Bring to NRG Esports?

Despite their shocking loss to ENCE eSports in the quarterfinals of the IEM Katowice Major 2019, Team Liquid remain the best CS:GO team in North America. However, there currently exists a wide yawning gap between them and other CS:GO teams in North America

NRG Esports could fill the gap, and potentially, challenge for Team Liquid’s spot at the top.

Bringing in tarik is a straight upgrade over Jacob ‘FugLy‘ Medina. He is a legitimate star player, and more importantly, somehow who is capable of playing multiple roles and off of his teammates. He is also a Major champion and an MVP at that. This is the kind of experience that NRG Esports severely lack and could use as they try to make their way up the CS:GO ladder to challenge other top-tier teams.

Of course, tarik’s fit is not perfect.

Bringing tarik into NRG Esport means reuniting him with his former leader Damian ‘daps‘ Steele. The two played together under the OpTic Gaming banner a couple of years ago and tarik was one of the players who pushed to replace daps with Peter ‘stanislaw‘ Jarguz. Although tarik has since stated that he now respects daps more as a leader and a player, we have no way to predict how the dynamic between the two will develop now that they’re teammates once again.

Image credit: Copyright ESL | Helena Kristiansson

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