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NiP fire their Leader, take on dennis – Are they worth risking a stake on? - Esportsranks
NiP fire their Leader, take on dennis – Are they worth risking a stake on?

Ninjas in Pyjamas have finally decided to face reality, making much needed changes to their roster. Yet, while these changes are certainly needed, one wonders whether getting rid of their team captain of nearly half a decade is the best way to rejuvenate their roster. Nevertheless, that’s what NiP have done, and Xizt has stepped down. Dennis Edman, alias ‘dennis’, formerly of GODSENT  and Fnatic, will fill the empty spot on the team.

Ancient glory of the Ninjas

NiP were once CS:GO’s most dominating team, with a winning streak eighty seven wins long – that’s without a single loss. However, those days are long gone. Their downfall began when the first member of the original roster, Robin Johansson, alias Fifflaren, decided to retire. That left four players from the original roster. The team was weakened – while NiP brought in various players to fill the empty spot, no one quite filled Fifflaren’s shoes. Yet the team went on to win a considerable number of events.

The steady destruction of the original roster

However, last year, another member of the veteran roster, Adam Friberg, alias ‘friberg’, decided to retire as well. That left just three members of the original roster, and the effect on the team was little short of disastrous. While the team generally put out lacklustre performances, from time to time they would really shine, as they did at IEM Oakland for the last two years. But things were going badly for the team in general. Their failure to reach the qualifiers of the ELEAGUE Major in Boston, and their utter decimation in the CS_Summit 2, showed that the team was on the verge of extinction, and would have to adapt if it were to survive.

That’s when NiP signed on dennis

Dennis is a good choice. He’s red hot with a pistol, giving any team he’s on a crucial edge in the opening pistol rounds. He brings a lot of skill and fighting ability to the team, and in these things he certainly outclasses Xizt. Dennis is playing in excellent form, as he demonstrated when he stood in for Astralis’ dev1ce in the BLAST Pro Series. There’s no doubt that dennis is a massive asset to NiP, and that their fighting ability is considerably enhanced.

However,  with the team leader gone, the team may begin to show weaknesses in other ways. Patrik Lindberg, known as ‘f0rest’ will be leading the team in-game from now on. F0rest is a very balanced player, who should make a good in-game leader. However, dennis has claimed that he will be the new leader of NiP, and that he will lead the Ninjas in battle to recapture their ancient, lost glory.

The coach is back

On the other hand, their old coach pita is back on the team. Pita was coach when NiP saw its greatest run of successes. There are many analysts who think that his return to the team may balance any lack of tactics and strategy the team may experience with the loss of Xizt.

Faruk pita Ninjas in Pyjamas NiP

Image Credit: ESL

How does this affect bettors?

You need to watch and wait. NiP have been on a losing streak for a very long time, and turning that around won’t be easy. See how their matches against top teams go. If they beat Cloud9 or Astralis, or FaZe Clan, that’s when putting a stake on them might become a wise choice. At the moment, it isn’t. They’ve been losing for far too long. They’ll have to show at least the start of a winning streak before they can be considered worth your money.

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