NiP Drops Dota 2 Roster to Focus on LoL and CSGO

NiP drops Dota 2 roster to focus on other interests after having only returned to the scene for six months following a two-year hiatus.

No More Ninjas in Pyjamas

Sweden’s premier eSports organisation announced the decision via their website.

The team will not be picking up a new Dota 2 roster. This marks the end of an over 2 year foray into this game’s eSport scene. There were big things that were expected when NiP re-entered the scene in January 2017. However, after poor results forced them to re-evaluate their position on the team and the game, they pulled out.

This may add fuel to the LoL vs. Dota fire, as some will see it as a premier team choosing one game over the other. In their official statement this line stood out:

We are releasing our DotA2 team with immediate effect. It is time for us to fully focus our resources on bringing the CS:GO team back to glory, while establishing ourselves within the League of Legends scene with a long term presence in a more stable environment.”

Their LoL team unfortunately has not gotten off to the best start. They lost their first game in the EU LCS Summer Split. You can read about that here.

Adrian ‘Era’ Kryeziu, the team’s former carry player, also confirmed the decision via Twitter.

The decision comes at a terrible time for the former NiP players.

NiP Drops Dota 2 Roster – What now?

In case you missed it, Valve’s seasonal roster lock came into effect last May 26. Because of this, the former NiP players will not be able to join any established roster until after the next Major.

The rule, however, does not prohibit the squad from competing together as a team. The smart decision would be to try to qualify for the International 7 with the same group. And, from the looks of it, they intend to do just that.

Stay tuned for any updates on whether the former NiP will actually compete together or go their separate ways.