Newbee Dominant in DreamLeague Season 8 Chinese Qualifier Win

Newbee sweep LFY twice in a row in their first official appearance since TI7 to win the DreamLeague Season 8 Chinese Qualifier.

DreamLeague Season 8 Chinese Qualifier Recap

Save probably for scrims, Newbee haven’t played in an official match since losing to Team Liquid in the Grand Finals of The International 7. This supposedly put them at a disadvantage against LGD Gaming, LFY and Vici Gaming; all three have spent the past month scrimmaging and playing in back-to-back official matches.

Rust, though, doesn’t seem to be that much of an issue for Newbee. 

Newbee kicked things off with a 2-1 of Vici Gaming — featuring a casual triple Aegis steal in one game by Damien ‘kpii’ Chok — before sweeping LFY 2-0 in the Winners’ Bracket Finals. Meanwhile, LGD Gaming suffered back to back losses to LFY and Vici Gaming, making them the first team to bow out of the qualifier tournament.

Against LFY in the Losers’ Bracket Finals, Vici Gaming would lose in a 2-0 sweep.

LFY showed little variety in their draft in that particular series. They picked Dragon Knight for Xie ‘Super’ Junhao twice, along with Night Stalker and Ancient Apparition for Tue ‘ah fu’ Soon Chuan and Leong ‘DDC’ Fat-meng respectively.

DreamLeague Season 8 Chinese Qualifier

Image via Valve

Up against Newbee once again in the Grand Finals, LFY found themselves in an all-too-familiar predicament.

The TI7 runner-ups closed out the series 2-0 behind an excellent performance on Ember Spirit courtesy of their overly agreeable Spanish snake, Song ‘Sccc’ Chun and from their ever-reliable support duo of Hu ‘Kaka’ Liangzhi and Zeng ‘Faith’ Hongda.

Newbee’s Support Duo

DreamLeague Season 8 Chinese Qualifier

Image via Newbee

While Newbee’s core players Sccc and Xu ‘Moogy’ Han may take most of the spotlight, much of their success has always been because of their support duo.

Kaka and Faith have always done a fine job finding a way to scale all throughout the game, often outfarming the enemy supports. In fact, it’s not unusual for either Kaka or Faith, or sometimes even both of them, to have just as much farm as their offlaner, Kpii, which affords Newbee tankier supports that can contribute more to team fights.

It is this kind of farm distribution that has often allowed Newbee to come back in games even when Sccc and Moogly are struggling during the laning stage of the game.

DreamLeague Season 8 Chinese Qualifier

Image via DreamLeague

This is perhaps most evident in Game 2 of the Grand Finals of the DreamLeague Season 8 Chinese Qualifier; Faith on Keeper of the Light finished the game with nearly twice as much farm as both of LFY’s supports combined, with a huge level advantage.

Behind these two, and of course, their core trio, Newbee have a huge chance to remain the best Dota 2 team in China all season long.

Which team do you think has the best chance of dethroning Newbee as the best team in the most stacked region in the world? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. 

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