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New LoL Patch 8.14: Potential Mage Buffs, Domination Rune Buffs, and Liandry Changes - Esportsranks
New LoL Patch 8.14: Potential Mage Buffs, Domination Rune Buffs, and Liandry Changes

We’ve got more news about the state of the game from Riot’s Meddler on the Dev Corner with details on the new LoL patch 8.14.

Apparently, after the last few patches turned the game’s meta on its head, Riot has finally decided that enough is enough.

New LoL Patch 8.14: Mage and Liandry’s Changes

New LoL Patch

Mages are about to become far more popular (Image via Riot Games)

Ever since Patch 8.9, I’ve stopped playing mages (mainly Annie). The mana changes made the champions without the necessary power they needed in the mid-late game, hence making their winrates suffer. Mages are nowhere to be seen in pro play, which is also a big problem.

Riot has taken notice and announced that they’re likely to give buffs to mages, mainly Syndra, Orianna, Cassiopeia, Annie, Ahri and Vel’Koz. Hopefully, this will put the balance of power back in check and give mid lane mages a fighting chance once more. They might even be able to infiltrate other lanes successfully judging by the current meta.

The Liandry’s buffs seem to go hand in hand with the mage buffs, which means we’re suddenly going to be seeing a lot of them from here on out. What’s surprising is that Liandry’s is an item which encourages long, drawn-out fights – something that’s started consuming far too much mana to be viable.

We can only assume that either Liandry’s will become easier to use, or will become more powerful. Either way, assuming mages about to receive mana buffs, this item could easily become a vital part in the upcoming meta.

If the Mage changes don’t have much to do with mana, we can still be confident that we’ll be seeing more of them in the upcoming games. Something that might start giving players nightmares is what Brand support could do with a buffed up Liandry’s.

New LoL Patch 8.14: Domination Buffs

New LoL Patch

Expect champions like Talon and Zed to give you more trouble in your future games (Image via Riot Games)

Riot mentioned that the Domination tree was less than popular than they had hoped. The tree is designed for bursting down opponents through raw power but hasn’t offered enough for players to show interest. The only champions seen using the tree are the ones that don’t really have a choice – like Zed, Katarina and Talon etc.

Even then, those champions haven’t been having a great time using Domination runes. Therefore, they’re going to be buffed a bit overall. In the long run, Riot are looking to change up the vision slot so players could make more use out of it. For now, they’re looking to simply buff up the overall stats within the tree to make it more viable as a short-term fix.

New LoL Patch 8.14: Zoe Nerfs

New LoL Patch

Zoe will see her win rates plummet again. You got rid of Banner of Command, Riot. Why not Zoe? (Image via Riot Games)

Upon being raised, the question of whether Zoe could be buffed met with a sharp response. Riot definitely thinks Zoe is stronger than she should be right now and nerfs are on the way in the near future. In particular, they are taking at look at her W, with it potentially losing some of its bonus Movement Speed and AP ratio.

Sorry, Zoe mains!

New LoL Patch 8.14: No more small/big patches

New LoL Patch

Ridiculous meta such as Darius bot should be less common in the future (Image via Riot Games)

This is perhaps one of the best parts of this update.

While many players and analysts felt that the recent patches which made the game’s updates so fast paced were a good thing, we’d beg to differ. We think such abrupt changes were doing more harm than good, and people having to relearn so many things so quickly was making the game less fun than it used to be.

Riot seems to agree with us and will be switching their patching method back to as it was before.

Huge changes will only come out during the preseason and mid-season. The rest of the patches for minor tweaks instead of anything major. This move could give players some breathing room, and we’re hoping the meta will finally stabilize once 8.14 hits the live servers.

Disclaimer: These changes may or may not come out in full. Visit Riot’s original post for any more details you’d wish to see.

What do you think about this patch? We’d say the changes are pretty awesome, but we’d love to hear your opinion on them! Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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