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New ADC 2018 Potentially Leaked: Kai'Sa, Daughter of the Void - Esportsranks
New ADC 2018 Potentially Leaked: Kai’Sa, Daughter of the Void

We’ve waited long and hard for this one to show up, and the Internet has finally begun showing us glimpses of what the new ADC of 2018 might look like. Her supposed name is Kai’Sa, titled Daughter of the Void. This pretty much confirms our previous theory that we came up with that she’s from the void.

Meet Kai’Sa, the new ADC similar to Vayne

Apparently, she is Kassadin’s daughter, and like her father, is on the good side (thankfully). We got this from Redmercy’s video where he teased a leak he found:

Her autoattack animation is quite like a preview we saw earlier too. The video was uploaded by SkinSpotlight a week ago:

Although there aren’t any confirmations as to whether this animation is legitimate, we can be pretty sure that this is Kai’Sa, the new ADC, because the attack animation looks extremely similar to the images that have popped up. This image shows the various abilities that Kai’Sa will possibly have.

Kai'Sa New ADC 2018

Animation of possible abilities that Kai’Sa might have

Here’s an explanation of what Kai’Sa will be able to do on the Rift in full detail:

New ADC Kai'Sa 2018

New ADC abilities preview

These images, along with the Splash Art we uploaded were all found on EUW League’s discussion boards.
Furthermore, there have been reports that similar posts have been removed on Reddit by mods, which points to the fact that the leaks could very well be real.

From what we’ve seen from the descriptions of her abilities, she’s be a highly versatile champion that can go with an AD, AP or hybrid build according to the situation. Her abilities also seem quite complex during teamfights and laning alike. This champion will surely require high amounts of brainpower to work properly, and will most likely make her way to the pro scene.

Again, there isn’t any confirmation by Riot as to whether these leaks are real or not. We’ll keep you updated on Kai’Sa, so don’t worry about missing out on any details regarding this mysterious new ADC.