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NaVi Down NiP to Win BLAST Pro Series - Copenhagen 2018 - Esportsranks
NaVi Down NiP to Win BLAST Pro Series – Copenhagen 2018

Less than a week after losing to FaZe Clan in the Grand Finals of EPICENTER 2018, Natus Vincere get their revenge by winning BLAST Pro Series – Copenhagen 2018. In doing so, Natus Vincere put a stop to Ninjas in Pyjamas’ hopes of winning their first LAN in almost a year by sweeping them 2-0 at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen on the final day of the tournament.

This was a huge win for Natus Vincere. Losing in front of their home crowd at EPICENTER 2018 was a huge blow to their confidence. Critics too were quick to jump on the team. Many believed that the CIS organization had finally hit their peak and that it would all be downhill from there. Apparently though, that’s not the case.

While we’ll never know what will happen next, winning BLAST Pro Series – Copenhagen 2018 gives Natus Vincere some serious momentum for IEM Chicago 2018 next week.

Natus Vincere Win BLAST Pro Series – Copenhagen 2018

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2018

The nerves must have gotten the best of Fredrik ‘REZ’ Sterner as the young rifler posted a 0.64 rating and had more deaths than kills in the Grand Finals against Natus Vincere. (BLAST Pro Series)

Natus Vincere opened the series with a huge statement win in Map 1 on Mirage. Although it didn’t seem like it would go that way throughout the first 20 rounds as both teams were fairly even, Natus Vincere eventually broke the tie and ran away with the victory. It was the same story on Inferno, as Ninjas in Pyjamas tried hard to push back against Natus Vincere, only to eventually come up short.

Ninjas in Pyjamas just could not muster up enough firepower to go toe-to-toe with Natus Vincere on both maps. On Mirage, the CIS organization finished the map with three players in the mid-20s kill range, led by Denis ‘electronic‘ Sharipov with 25 kills to 11 deaths. He was even more excellent on Inferno, outpacing Oleksandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev for the second straight map, this time with 28 kills to 13 deaths.

With the rest of Natus Vincere stepping up, especially electronic, s1mple wasn’t forced to carry the team on his own. He was his usual standout self though, ending the tournament with a whopping 1.43 rating across 7 maps.

While losing definitely stings, it’s not all bad for Ninjas in Pyjamas. They may have lost in a sweep to Natus Vincere, but the entire series was competitive. That they made second place while also beating Astralis in the Group Stage is just icing on the cake.

Hopefully, the next time Ninjas in Pyjamas shows up in a tournament, they’ll have a much better showing and walk away with a title in hand.

Final Thoughts

Natus Vincere’s win proves that s1mple needs his team to win. He may be widely considered as the best CS:GO player in the world, but we musn’t forget that this is still a team game. This entire tournament is a good reminder of that, as electronic enjoyed a bounce back performance from his abysmal showing at EPICENTER 2018, which helped relieved some of the pressure from s1mple.

With IEM Chicago 2018 coming up in a few days, Natus Vincere will hope that electronic can retain his form as they look to go for a second straight title win and get themselves on board again with another point for the Intel Grand Slam.

What do you think of Natus Vincere’s performance at BLAST Pro Series – Copenhagen 2018? Do you think that it’s enough to prove that this team can still improve? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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