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Na’Vi loses again to LDLC – will the team hold together? - Esportsranks
Na’Vi loses again to LDLC – will the team hold together?

In a desperate battle, Na’Vi were recently steamrolled at IEM Oakland, right in the Qualifiers. This time it was Team LDLC that handled the executions, but we’ve been seeing a lot of this lately.

The team is still 10th in the global rankings. But the fact is they have been doing really badly since GuardiaN moved on to FaZe.

His veteran CS:GO skills contributed a lot to this team’s capabilities when facing off against other pro teams, and his moving to FaZe has been a massive benefit to that ‘super team,’ but it’s been a disaster for Na’Vi.

Morale low on the Na’Vi squad

Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev was devastated by their recent defeat. 2017 has been a really bad year for this team. Without effective in-game leadership and team-work, the team has just not been able to stand out to the ‘wolves’ – the pro teams out there.

The odd thing is that the team recently brought back their old leader, Zeus (Danylo Teslenko).

Zeus is a good leader – but the problems remain!

Na'Vi Zeus

Image Credit: ESL

Zeus was doing very good work with Gambit before he rejoined his old team. So it’s even more of a surprise to everyone that his rejoining the team hasn’t had much of an impact.

Everyone expected that Na’Vi would now show much better in-game play, but it hasn’t happened.

Either GuardiaN leaving the team has broken the team’s in-game meta beyond repair, or the skills of some of the players are simply growing rusty, and the team won’t move forward unless they are replaced.

A good many of the players certainly seemed to be both struggling and outclassed in Na’Vi’s recent match with LDLC – which is surprising, because while Na’Vi is ranked 10th in the global rankings, LDLC ranks 27th. It certainly didn’t seem that way at IEM Oakland, as LDLC decimated the team.

S1mple seemed to take the loss badly

S1mple put up a ‘simple’ post on Twitter. “I’m done,” was all he said, after their defeat. We don’t know what he means, exactly, but it doesn’t look good.

It isn’t good for Na’Vi that one of their top players is so disheartened. S1mple did very well in the matches, topping the leaderboard despite the team’s loss. But he couldn’t save the team from defeat. No one player, no matter how good, can singlehandedly carry a CS:GO team to victory.

Worse, the defeat came on his birthday. While his disheartened post got an immediate response from fans and other players, who were very supportive, we don’t know what this means for the team.

Will he leave the team? Unlikely.

Does the team have problems that need to be resolved?

The answer to that is a resounding yes.

This team needs a lot of practice, and perhaps to bring in a top player or two, before it will again be able to successfully compete in professional CS:GO.

Without this, it’s simply going to drop in the rankings as Virtus.pro have been doing recently, as more and more top players naturally move on to other rosters.

If the team doesn’t do better quickly, they stand to lose both Zeus and s1mple, and without those two, the team has no hope.

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