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Original Natus Vincere squad to dominate the WESG - Esportsranks
Original Natus Vincere squad to dominate the WESG

One of the most legendary combinations in CS:GO history will be coming together again once more – perhaps for the last time. The legendary AWPer Yegor Markelov, known as ‘markeloff’ will get together with old friends on the Natus Vincere squad. This team will take the battle to the opposition together at the WESG European Finals in Barcelona.

Markeloff is known for his deadly sniping skills, lethal accuracy and lightning fast reactions. After a dominating three years, markeloff eventually left the team to sign on with Astana Dragons.

Four years later, markeloff is back with Natus Vincere.

It’s great to see a legendary combination of players come together again. Danylo Teslenko, known as Zeus, returned to the team awhile back after a spell with Gambit. Zeus is a man of intense loyalties. When Gambit wanted to terminate Kane, their coach and long-term friend, Zeus offered them an ultimatum. He told them that if they fired Kane, Zeus would walk out with him. Well, they did, and he did, and Natus Vincere had their old legendary leader back in the fold.

Natus Vincere Trio WESG

Image Credit: Natus Vincere

One of the deadliest trios in Counter Strike History are back together.

That’s perfectly true, even if it’s only temporary. It’s going to be great to see what this legendary threesome can accomplish at this event, backed up by Aleksandr Kostyliev, known as s1mple, and Vladyslav Nechyporchuk, known as bondik. With his absolutely unstoppable AWPing and other combat skills boosting the squad meta, we should see some truly lethal plays. There was a time when markeloff could well have been put forward as the greatest tactical sniper Counter Strike has ever known. It’s been four years now since he left his old squad, so it will be interesting to see whether these old team-mates can get their original meta going again.

The player that markeloff forms the most deadly team-plays with is Ioann Sukhariev, known as Edward, who is lethality incarnate with a pistol in his hands. Yes, there are going to be days of fascinating plays ahead of us this weekend!

How did this merging of ‘ancient forces’ come to be?

Well, according to the rules of the WESG, a team needs to be made up of players of a single nationality. Hellraisers and Natus Vincere therefore decided to join forces in order to compete. Each team contributed Ukrainian members from their squads to form an all-Ukrainian team to send to the event.

It looks like the squad is going to make history at the WESG.

While we have no doubt it’s going to be a great event, we look forward to seeing not only some great Counter Strike combat, but also the camaraderie as old friends come together again to fight side by side one last time. We hope this wonderful combination makes CS:GO history. Look out for them as they battle their way across the WESG European Finals. Look out for them at that event between the 22nd and the 26th of November, as they go all-out to dominate an event with a prize pool that maxes out as a million and a half dollars.

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