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Natus Vincere Dominate the Finals of DreamHack Winter - Esportsranks
Natus Vincere Dominate the Finals of DreamHack Winter

The Finals of DreamHack Winter were a breathtaking event for the Esportsranks team, not only because the matches were so closely-fought, but also because our team were right there on the spot, beaming images and impressions back to us. Having our people on site send us details of the event, for example, of how the crowd were disappointed as Gambit failed to make the Finals, made us feel as if we were standing right there beside them.

CS:GO was the biggest crowd-puller at DreamHack Winter, right up until the Dota Finals began. Production of the event was top notch, and very much appreciated by our team. Displays told the crowd which members of each team were still alive, when the bomb was planted, and when a round ended. But perhaps most appreciated of all was the open atmosphere at DreamHack Winter, where fans were encouraged to meet their favorite players, who walked around openly, and were very welcoming when people stopped to talk to them.

Of course, well-organized meet and greet times would have been a definite improvement, as even the press conference for the winner was no more than a possibility all through the event, and no one was sure whether there would be one at all. Scheduling was also something that could have been improved, with the timings for events being continually delayed, and even the Finals being delayed for one and a half hours.

However, that said, the Semi Finals and Finals at this event were stupendously exciting. The two top contenders for the title defeated their opponents in the Semi Finals decisively, and the Final event itself was really the complete decimation of one team by another. Stay with us as we take you through the event just as it unfolded.

Image Credit: DreamHack

Natus Vincere crushed EnVyUs to enter the Finals

The match started with Natus Vincere playing as terrorists in the first half. Natus Vincere’s flamie took a triple kill in the pistol round, and this got the team off to a good start. Zeus then led his team into a combined attack that placed the bomb and defended it till it went off. That was the start of a major winning streak for Natus Vincere, who then managed five detonations till they hit round nine. As you can imagine, this kept the team flush with cash. In round ten Team EnVyUs managed to hit back belatedly, giving EnVyUs their first win in the first half. EnVyUs won the next round as well by successfully defusing the bomb in time. But Natus Vincere were on a roll, and they were soon on the offensive once more, and ended the first half with thirteen points.

The second half

In the second half, Team EnVyUs won the pistol round, while the next round was taken by Natus Vincere. EnVyUs then hit back hard, winning the next four rounds, and managing to detonate the bomb three times.But that was all they managed to accomplish, because Natus Vincere needed just two more rounds to take the match. They coldly sacrificed rounds to build up their cash reserves, and then counter attacked with a full buy. It went exceptionally well, and EnVyUs crumbled before them. Natus Vincere now needed just one round to win, but EnVyUs did not surrender. They held Natus Vincere at bay for four astounding rounds, and pushed the match into round twenty seven. Finally, Natus Vincere did a full buy to eliminate all the enemy players, as well as defusing the bomb. The first match was thus won by Natus Vincere.

EnVyUs were nuked in the second match

As every CS:GO player knows, terrorists have a distinct advantage in a map. This is especially true if a team plays terrorists first. The momentum built up can easily take a match. EnVyUs started out as terrorists in the second map, and held the game in balanced play until the second half. Then the victories and winning streaks went back and forth until both teams had their scores drawn in round twenty six. Now EnVyUs and Natus Vincere both needed three rounds to win the match.

EnVyUs then took a round from Natus Vincere to move one step closer to the Finals of DreamHack Winter. Natus Vincere risked a round to save money, and then came back hard with a full equip. EnVyUs were short on cash and equipment by this point and were butchered. Natus Vincere’s s1mple and flamie were the most effective players in these matches. It was these two players’ quad and triple kills that effectively took the map.

Image Credit: DreamHack

Mousesports’ battles against Gambit

With the first battles fought so viciously and to such a close finish, the crowd were very excited as the match beween mousesports and Gambit began. Mousesports began by taking the pistol round, and then pushing through to wins in the next three rounds as well. At this point their economy was obviously set, while Gambit’s was struggling. With such a big disparity in equipment, there was really no chance for Gambit to hit back, and the first half was entirely dominated by mousesports.

Gambit then hit back very hard in the second half, taking the first three rounds in succession. But mousesports were really just too good, knowing every strength and weakness on the map, and capitalizing on everything. It was truly a brilliantly professional performance. Despite Gambit’s initial wins, they saved money and hit back with a full buy. Mousesports were now on a roll, and though Gambit did try to hold them back, they took round after round to win the match. Gambit were only able to score nine points in all.

Gambit then met with an accident in Train

Mousesports seemed to go all out for the kill in this match, simply driving over Gambit for the first nine rounds. It was some of the most brilliant play we’ve seen in some time, or sheer brutality, depending on which team one favored. We might add here that the crowd did seem to want Gambit to win. But it wasn’t fated to be. Oskar and ropz took a triple kill in almost every round. Gambit did win round ten, but there was really no hope for them. It is our personal opinion that the force was strong in oskar and ropz. There really is no other explanation for such brilliant playing. This was a short match indeed, ending in just half an hour with a splendid victory for mousesports.

Natus Vincere and mousesports in the ultimate face-off

Mousesports have really been on a roll lately, and not just in the Semi Finals of DreamHack Winter. We’ve noticed that this team has been playing in excellent form in most recent events. But Natus Vincere have been doing extremely well themselves, and defeating Gambit does not at all mean that a team will also defeat Natus Vincere. Our team, looking at the ban and pick stage, found it quite disturbing, with mousesports inanely banning their best maps.

We couldn’t understand what was in their minds, but once they’d made their bans and picks, incidentally banning Overpass and Train, it was as if they had themselves planned their own decimation. Natus Vincere were undoubtedly overjoyed, and helped mousesports towards an ignominious defeat by also banning Cache, another map in which mousesports excel. Natus Vincere therefore went into a Finals in which not only were their own best maps selected, but all the best maps of their opponents banned.

Image Credit: DreamHack

The destruction at DreamHack Winter began in Cobblestone

Mousesports, in picking Cobblestone, seem to have been under the delusion that they are better at this map than Natus Vincere. In reality, anyone who studies the statistics of both teams realizes that the opposite is actually true. In any case, Natus Vincere proved this in a very practical manner by taking eleven rounds in the first half to mousesports four. Natus Vincere in many cases never even got around to planting the bomb, instead taking the far simpler route of eradicating all the mice on the map.

In the second half, Natus Vincere showed mousesports the right way to play as counter terrorists in Cobblestone. Mousesports were unable to counter them, and won round after round, ultimately being virtually pushed off the face of Cobblestone by Natus Vincere. Natus Vincere took the map with very little resistance from a disheartened mousesports. Was this mousesports the same team that took that brilliant win against Team Liquid? S1mple was once again the dominating player on this map.

Mousesports felt the heat in Inferno

After their dismal performance in Cobblestone, mousesports tried to stage a comeback in Inferno. Though they lost the pistol round, they managed to utterly overwhelm Natus Vincere in a map that team picked themselves. STYKO and ropz kept the team afloat and fighting. Mousesports took nine out of the first fifteen rounds, to Natus Vincere’s six. Mousesports were back on the warpath.

Then the game went into the second half, and mousesports felt the full unfettered fury of Natus Vincere, as they took the first six rounds straight out. Mousesports were forced on the defensive, but though they managed to stop Natus Vincere in places, ultimately they were unable to match Natus Vincere’s sheer expertise with this map. Mousesports were decimated. There were, finally, five rounds left in the match. Natus Vincere needed just two at this point to take the match, while mousesports needed four to even drag the match into overtime.

Image Credit: DreamHack

Natus Vincere also could not afford the bad economy of a loss at this crucial stage, so they powered through to detonating the bomb, destroying mousesports economy, and securing their own. Mousesports had to force buy in the next round against a fully equipped Natus Vincere. Well, that went just about as expected, which, in other words, means that mousesports were crushed, and Natus Vincere took the match. They became the new champions of DreamHack Winter. They ended the year on a triumphant note, and will have an excellent excuse to have a very merry Christmas, with plenty of hope for a successful New Year.

Stay tuned for detailed day-by-day analyses of major CS:GO events, and ace reporting. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest on your favorite Esports titles.