NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Preview

Week 6 is behind us and it’s all still to play for as the NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 looms on the horizon. Team SoloMid, Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals are all tied for top place.

The series to watch this week is undoubtedly Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals. One of them has to lose, who will that leave in first position?

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Friday

Cloud9 vs Phoenix1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7

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Both teams are desperate for a win. Phoenix1, who looked so good at Rift Rivals, have struggled in the NA, and Cloud9 find themselves a team on the cusp of losing more than they’ve won. Despite their recent failings, I think Cloud9 will have the upper hand.

Prediction: Cloud9 2-1

Team Liquid vs Team Envy

As with most Team Liquid games this season I think it will be a little lopsided and for all the wrong reasons. Team Envy are riding a lot of momentum going into week 7 and I don’t see anything that can stop them here. It will be a miracle if Team Liquid even picks up a game.

Prediction: Team Envy 2-0

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Saturday

Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas

Both these teams are riding high, Dignitas from a clean sweep in week 6 which included an impressive 2-0 victory over CLG. Team Solo Mid are always a strong team and arguably the best in NA at present. Which of these two giants will emerge victorious?

Prediction: Team SoloMid 2-1 – but don’t be surprised if a resurgent Dignitas pull it off.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Echo Fox

Until last week CLG looked untouchable against teams in the bottom half of the league. Now they appear shaky. Are they having a crisis of confidence? If so, can Echo Fox take advantage and win a much-needed victory? Despite their inconsistency, I believe CLG will take this one.

Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming 2-1

FlyQuest vs Immortals

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7

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Any doubts that the Immortals empire might be crumbling should have been put to rest last week. A hard fought victory against Cloud9 will have left them in high spirits. I expect Xmithie and Pobelter will dissect FlyQuest’s game plan with ease.

Nothing unusual to see here. Immortals will secure their 10th win of the season.

Prediction: Immortals 2-0

Phoenix1 vs Team Liquid

A bottom of the table rumble. One of Team Liquid’s only wins of the season came against Phoenix1 back in week 4. On the other hand, Phoenix1 will want to beat Team Liquid to affirm they are better than the last place team in the NA LCS.

Prediction: Phoenix1 2-1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Sunday

Team Dignitas vs Cloud9

It’s a tough week for Team Dignitas, but if they want to prove their the best they have to beat the best. Cloud9 have a reputation to restore and nothing less than victory against Dignitas will keep doubt at bay. They have it all to prove, but this one could go either way.

Prediction: 2-1 – to either side

Echo Fox vs Team SoloMid

While EchoFox will be desperate for the win it will take more than desperation to beat TSM. If EchoFox sub Froggen back in he may be able to pull out an upset against Bjergsen in mid lane. A strategy which could foreseeably be built around him, but they’ve tried it before and failed. 

Prediction: Team SoloMid 2-0

Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals

The game we’ll be wanting to see all weekend. Can CLG correct their recent faltering? Will Immortals vanquish them imperiously? The pressure is on for both teams.

Prediction: 2-1 to either side

Team Envy vs FlyQuest

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7

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It’s Team Envy who are flying high and FlyQuest who need to find their wings in this year’s NA LCS Summer Split Week 7. All of the FlyQuest team know what is needed to win at the very highest level but they are not turning in winning performances. Team Envy, on the other hand, will want to stake their claim as one of the league’s’ premier teams here.

Prediction: Team Envy 2-1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Summary

A week that sees two of the league’s top 3 teams and the league’s 2 bottom teams play against one another should bring some much-needed clarity. In terms of champions, expect more deadly Kalista/Thresh lanes if Caitlyn is still on the permanent ban list, with Tristana putting in some very strong results.

Week 7 should end with TSM in first place and Team Liquid still stuck to the bottom of the table.

Check the week 6 action if you haven’t.