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NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 3 - Immortals Take Top Spot - Esportsranks
NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Day 3 – Immortals Take Top Spot

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Sunday

Team Dignitas vs Cloud9

The NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 has not failed to offer thrills, spills, and twists and turns at every corner. On the back of beating Team SoloMid and CLG,  Dignitas entered this game with a huge momentum. What happened next surprised everyone.

Team Dignitas ended game 1 in 23 minutes, making it seem straight forward. Shrimp’s Nunu offered an impressive counter to Contractz’ Kayn who never really got going.

Into game 2 and Zac was given over to Contractz who proceeded to show why the champion is usually banned. Smoothie pulled out the buffed Taric and finished the game with 0 deaths as Cloud9 tied the series.

In game 3 Smoothie stuck with Taric and Shrimp’s Nunu didn’t have the same effect. Cloud9 were always in control as they took the series 2-1 and threw the battle for fourth place wide open.

Cloud9 wins 2-1

Echo Fox vs Team SoloMid

TSM have struggled on patch 7.14 but you wouldn’t know it by watching game 1 which they took easily from an equally struggling EchoFox.

Game 2 saw EchoFox strike back, thanks in large part to a dominant Froggen on Corki. It was all over in less than 30 minutes setting up a tantalising game 3.

EchoFox couldn’t find an answer to a great team composition by TSM in game 3. TSM had a front line of tanks backed up by great damage dealers. They took control at the 20-minute mark and never looked back.

Team SoloMid wins 2-1

Counter Logic Gaming vs Immortals

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 CLG

Flickr @lolesports

Due to TSM’s earlier loss against Dignitas, the winner of this series would end up with the top spot in NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 all to themselves.

Cody Sun’s Jhin, benefiting from the recent Lethality changes was able to pull out all the stops when it most counted. Combined with Pobelter on Corki it was more than enough to give Immortals the first game.

Game 2 saw a resurgent CLG as the combination of Darshan’s Fiora and Stixxay’s Kalista proved too hot to handle. Aphromoo had some excellent playmaking. Immortals had no answer and the series tied 1-1.

Game 3 brought out some glorious Taliyah playing by Pobelter and Cody Sun proved the more efficient ADC proving the new lethality changes were no joke. A 33-minute game with some epic team fights proved Immortals the winner, and they now reign as NA LCS Summer Split Week 7’s sole leaders!

Immortals wins 2-1

Team Envy vs FlyQuest

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Wild Turtle

Flickr @lolesports

It was Envy who took the early lead in game 1. A win was not to be though, as they stumbled against Hai’s Corki. Impressive play on FlyQuest’s part and a few mistakes by Team Envy turned the game around to give FlyQuest the win.

Game 2 saw Team Envy back in control although it took them a while to land the killing blow against a weakened FlyQuest. Early kills by Nisqy and Apollo were translated into a winning game.

The third and final game was similar to the second. They couldn’t stop Apollo. His Caitlyn secured 10 kills when all was said and done. FlyQuest had no answer and now sit joint 7th just one win above the bottom of the table.

Team Envy wins 2-1

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