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NA LCS Summer Split Week 7, Day 1&2 - Dignitas Rise - Esportsranks
NA LCS Summer Split Week 7, Day 1&2 – Dignitas Rise

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Friday

Cloud9 vs Phoenix1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 C9

Flickr @lolesports

Fresh off a 0-2 week, Cloud9 had something to prove in the NA LCS Summer Split Week 7! Phoenix1 also needed a win to begin rescuing their season. For 2 out of 3 games Cloud9 dominated.

An impressive Contractz showed up to the rift with League of Legends’ newest champion, Kayn. His jungle applied a lot of pressure, showing exactly what the new champion is capable of. Despite a game 2 victory, Phoenix1 were unable to turn the tables.

Cloud9 wins 2-1

Team Liquid vs Team Envy

In game 1 Team Liquid were able to make an impressive play on Baron shortly before the 26-minute mark. They then did what they’ve been unable to do for quite some time and transferred pressure into a victory, bringing the series alive. Game 2 was a different story, leaving everything to play for in game 3.

At 30 minutes in it looked like Team Liquid were on the verge of throwing everything away. Instead, they managed to claw their way back with a triple kill on Piglet’s Tristana. The surprise of the week was complete.

For once, the bottom of the table doesn’t look quite so settled. GG Team Liquid.

Team Liquid wins 2-1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Saturday

Team SoloMid vs Team Dignitas

After Altec’s Kalista secured a dragon at the 12-minute mark there was no looking back for Team Dignitas in game one. The destruction of two towers late in the game was the only dent TSM were able to make in Dignitas’ defenses. Dignitas finished off the Nexus at 33 minutes to set up an interesting game 2.

Team Dignitas again led from the beginning of game 2 and, although TSM were able to capture more objectives than in the first round, it was no use. Altec’s Sivir led the team into a 10k lead and a series securing second win.

Team Dignitas wins 2-0. 

Counter Logic Gaming vs Echo Fox

CLG needed to put a depressing week 6 behind them and they did so in style. Game 1 was secured in under 30 minutes. The entire team looked imperious and Echo Fox looked lack luster.

Game 2 was again decided before the 30-minute mark with an impressive Dardoch securing 9 kills on Rengar. Echo Fox had no answers to CLG’s performance who swept the series 2-0.

Counter Logic Gaming Wins 2-0

FlyQuest vs Immortals

FlyQuest threatened another week 7 upset as they took game 1 from behind. It was a match Immortals should have won having led with an 8k gold differential.

In game 2 Immortals made no such mistake, and finished a commanding 19 kills to 2. They kept FlyQuest from taking down any towers.

The third and final game looked to be going FlyQuests way until a massive team fight tipped the balance and helped keep Immortals in that joint top spot with CLG.

Immortals wins 2-1

Phoenix1 vs Team Liquid

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 Phoenix1

Flickr @lolesports

There was only one team in game 1. Team Liquid took the win with a complete shut out, 13 kills to 0, losing only two towers in the 33-minute long game.

Game 2 did see Phoenix1 secure some kills, but it was still a comprehensive win for Team Liquid, lifting them out of the last place spot, and giving them a 2-0 series and week.

Team Liquid wins 2-0

NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 – What’s Next ?

With day 3 ahead, we now know the winner of CLG vs Immortals will be the NA LCS Summer Split Week 7 league leaders. Team Liquid will also finish the week buoyant, and out of the last place spot for the first time all split.