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NA LCS Summer Split Week 6, Day 1&2 - CLG Falter! - Esportsranks
NA LCS Summer Split Week 6, Day 1&2 – CLG Falter!

The NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 has begun! As predicted, with the patch 7.13 changes Gnar is a number one pick for top lane, playmaking supports continue to thrive and Caitlyn is still permanently banned. After the first full day let’s take a look at how things are stacking up.

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Friday Review

CLG vs FlyQuest

Game one started unexpectedly, with FlyQuest taking a strong lead in the early game. CLG were able to turn things around at 31 minutes with some great team fights and their front line proved too much to overcome.

The second game was completely different. CLG dominated. Perhaps the biggest lesson learned is to never give Thresh to Aphromoo. He made plays all over the map and CLG steamrolled their opponents from the get go.

The second lesson learned, well I’ll let HotshotGG do the talking on this one. 

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Review CLG

Twitter @CLG_HotshotGG

Immortals vs Echo Fox

No surprises in this one. Immortals look to have fixed whatever their problems were in week 5. The break did them some good as they managed a clean sweep against Echo Fox.

In game one alone Immortals managed 11 towers, 4 dragons, 1 Riftherald and a Baron to Echo Fox’s 1 solo tower. GG.

Game two was not much better as Cody Sun’s Twitch went 8/1/8. Echo Fox did manage 3 towers in this game but even a brave defence by Damonte couldn’t turn the tide. Immortals finished 15k ahead and swept the series.

That concludes our NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Friday review.

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Saturday Review

Game 1 – Team SoloMid vs Phoenix1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Review TSM

Twitter @TeamSoloMid

Game 1 was over before 30 minutes with a deathless Bjergsen and Doublelift anchoring an indomitable looking team. Whatever momentum Phoenix1 gained coming out of Rift Rivals came up against a brick wall in TSM.

Game 2 was much closer with both sides managing 15 kills a piece. Phoenix1 had a strong lead at the 26 minute mark but a Baron kill by TSM turned the game just a couple of minutes later. There was no opportunity for a comeback and TSM finished the series 2-0.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Review DIG

Twitter @TeamDignitas

Expect the unexpected with Counter Logic Gaming. The Championship leaders were stopped in their tracks during game 1 by a lane dominant Altec who finished 7 and 1. Despite some questionable plays by Adrian CLG were never able to overcome an early deficit and were the clear losers.

The second game Dignitas built on their surprising first game victory and sealed the series 2-0. An even more impressive performance saw a sub 30 minute finish with Adrian’s Thresh finishing 5/2/13. Lest you think he did some kill stealing, his ADC Altec showed another impressive game with Kalista and ended 8/1/5.

The result was a big upset in favour of Dignitas and something they can build on in the coming weeks.

Cloud9 vs Team Envy

I’m going to chalk this one down as another surprise of the week.  Team Envy beat Cloud9 with a comprehensive victory in game 1. Jensen was largely a non-factor, finishing at 0/0/0. What’s more Team Envy only suffered 2 deaths and went into game two on a high.

Match 2 was much closer. Cloud9 led for the first half and took the game to nearly 40 minutes. Nidalee made another appearance in jungle and in the end, Team Envy’s two Baron kills were too much to overcome. Envy win the series 2-0.

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

Finally, a game that went as expected. Sort of. For nearly 55 minutes Team Liquid and FlyQuest battled it out on the Rift. Team Liquid had a significant lead at the 30 minute mark but were unable to close the game out. The last Baron kill finally went to FlyQuest and that was GG.

FlyQuest grabbed the momentum in game 2 and ran with it. Even Piglet’s 7 kills weren’t enough to stem the tide. FlyQuest takes the series 2-0.

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Summary

Day 1 went as expected but Saturday was full of upsets. Will TSM be able to capitalize on CLG’s mistakes? We’ll know more tomorrow.

Want to share your own thoughts about week 6 games so far? Find us on twitter @Esportsranks or leave a comment below.