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NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Preview - Esportsranks
NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Preview

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6: What’s Next?

At The Top

At the top of the table, CLG should look for a 2-0 start with TSM not far behind. The highlight match of NA LCS Summer Split week 6 is bound to be Cloud9 vs Immortals. Should either of the top 2 slip up the winner of this match could be propelled into 1st.

At The Bottom

Phoenix1, Team Liquid and FlyQuest all face top of the table opponents. It won’t be easy for any of them. Two victories this week from one of these teams should let their opponents know they will be no walk-over in the coming weeks.

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 – The Predictions

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6

Twitter @clgaming

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 – Friday Games

Counter Logic Gaming vs FlyQuest

I expect nothing less than a victory from a newly inspired CLG team. If they want to show TSM they’re in it for the long haul and better than all the teams TSM faced at Rift Rivals (Hint – I think they are) then they need to start in style. FlyQuest also needs a win but CLG will be too good for them.

Prediction: CLG win 2-0

Immortals vs Echo Fox

Immortals had a horrendous week before the mid-season break. I still expect them to beat an average looking Echo Fox. They’ve had two weeks to solve their problems.

Prediction: Immortals win 2-0

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 – Saturday Games

Team SoloMid vs Phoenix1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 TSM

Twitter @TeamSoloMid

This game will offer viewers the biggest clue about whether Phoenix1’s resurgence is a return to Spring Split form or just good luck. On paper this is a clear TSM win but will Mike Yeung have anything to say about that? In reality, I expect it’ll be a little closer but TSM will still come out on top.

Prediction: TSM win 2-1

Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Dignitas

I’ve seen nothing from Dignitas to suggest they’re Championship material. Every player on CLG has the potential to give Dignitas a black eye.  Despite CLG’s propensity for slip ups, I think they edge this.

Prediction: CLG win 2-1

Cloud9 vs Team Envy

It’s difficult to remember that Team Envy is only one win behind Cloud9 in the rankings. Still, I think Cloud9 is the better team and in recent weeks have shown that with the win against TSM.

Prediction: Cloud9 win 2-1

Team Liquid vs FlyQuest

Both teams need nothing less than victory. At the top of the table they fight for glory. Here at the bottom, they fight for survival. This one’s a tough match to call but I’m going to say FlyQuest.

Prediction: FlyQuest win 2-0

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 – Sunday Games

Cloud9 vs Immortals

In what I believe is the series of the week Cloud9 and Immortals face off. They’re playing for potential 3rd or 1st places depending on other results. The winner is dependent on which Immortals side turns up.

Prediction: Immortals win 2-1

Team Dignitas vs Phoenix1

Phoenix1 looked a much better team at Rift Rivals. Although they will probably lose to TSM on Saturday I think this one will be much closer. Dignitas may find the newly risen Phoenix to be too hot for them.

Prediction: Phoenix1 win 2-1

Team SoloMid vs Team Liquid

This will be a bloodbath. If previous games are anything to go by then Team Liquid may hold their own until the 15-20 minute mark, at which point everything will begin to fall apart for them.

Team SoloMid will win this one with ease.

Prediction: TSM win 2- 0

Echo Fox vs Team Envy

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6

Twitter @TeamEnVyUS

This one is a tight call to make. It could all come down to whether Echo Fox can feed Froggen and what kind of form Apollo is in. Since I’m paid to decide between the two I’m going to go with Team Envy by virtue of the fact that they’re not quite as focused on Apollo as Echo Fox are on Froggen.

Prediction: Team Envy win 2-1

Disagree with my predictions? Want to share your own? Leave a comment below and contact us @Esportsrank on Twitter.