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NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Day 3 - All Tied At The Top - Esportsranks
NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Day 3 – All Tied At The Top

The NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 is over and what a weekend it has been! Thresh was dominant, the top is now tied in a three-way split and Dignitas and Envy roared back into contention.

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Sunday

Cloud9 vs Immortals

Cloud9 started game 1 strongly, as they had to. Immortals seemed powerless to prevent as Ray finally put past games behind him and showed up in a big way. Firing on all cylinders they moved into game 2 hopeful and looking impressive.

Game 2 was the complete opposite, as Immortals took it by the scruff of the neck and immobilised a formerly impressive looking Cloud9. Pobelter finished 10/1/7 as the series went into its third and final game.

As is befitting for a game of this stature, it was close until the Baron kill, which went to Immortals. Olleh’s Thresh made the important plays and Immortals sent Cloud9 packing in a reverse sweep. Week 5’s mistakes are behind them and Immortals once again sit joint top of the NA.

Team Dignitas vs Phoenix1

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6

Twitter @TeamDignitas

Only the day before Dignitas easily dispatched CLG, and they made short work of Phoenix1 in this first game of the series. It lasted a mere 23 minutes and the 13-4 kill board doesn’t do justice for how one sided it was. GG Dignitas.

Phoenix1 needed to show up in game 2 and show up they did. Mike Yeung’s Nidalee was impressive and Arrow’s Kalista also showed why she’s currently the NA’s number one pick after Caitlyn. A 24 minutes game gave the win to Phoenix1.

The third and final match of the series was once again picked up by Dignitas. Shrimp’s Nunu was his usual annoying self and the team made sure to build on their successes. Dignitas take the series and find themselves tied with Team Envy behind the three way split for first.

Team SoloMid vs Team Liquid

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6

Twtitter @TeamSoloMid

A surprisingly close first game still ended with a dominant Bjergsen on Syndra. No one could answer his plays and TSM called it GG at 38 minutes.

The second game saw Team Liquid in the driving seat all the way up through 24 minutes. Once again, however, they were unable to transfer early game dominance into a late game victory. Doublelift showed up in style and TSM took the second game and the series 2-0.

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6

Twitter @LoLEsports

Team SoloMid now find themselves tied for first with a faltering CLG and a resurgent Immortals. They must be feeling pretty happy with themselves.

Echo Fox vs Team Envy

Echo Fox showed up in style for game 1 of the series. They needed a win in the NA LCS Week 6 Summer Split. Even with their regular mid-laner Froggen being subbed out for Damonte they let Team Envy gain only 1 tower and finished them off completely at the 31-minute mark.

Team Envy pulled themselves together for game 2 and created a nearly clean shutout. 19-2 with Echo Fox gaining no towers it was about as good as it gets. Nisqy’s Syndra was particularly impressive in the rout.

Game 3 was a low kill game, with neither side wanting to give their opponents the upper hand. Despite this, Team Envy slowly gained objective after objective as their stranglehold on the match and series was secured.

Team Envy wins 2-1.

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6 Summary

NA LCS Summer Split Week 6

Twitter @LoLEsports

I think everyone is wondering whether CLG can come back from what was a clear 2-0 loss against Dignitas. They did not look like NA championship material at all and clearly have work to do.

Team SoloMid continued their impressive form from Rift Rivals and I think they are clear favorites going into week 7. Immortals have made a good argument that their worst is behind them.

It’s still all to play for at the top and I don’t expect any team to give up fighting.

Meanwhile, at the bottom, it’s difficult to see where a Team Liquid victory can come from. In some ways their weakness is obvious, they can’t transfer early game leads into a victory. How to solve that is not too obvious.