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NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2 : CLG vs. TL and FOX vs. FLY Recap - Esportsranks
NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2 : CLG vs. TL and FOX vs. FLY Recap

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2 was jam-packed with 8 teams battling it out. Here’s Esportsranks’ recap of the first two series that took place.

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2

CLG vs. TL – 2:0

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2 CLG


With a show of force against C9 on their first day, CLG came in hot and ready to continue their winning ways. Early game went to Team Liquid. It was obvious that they could match CLG’s bot lane duo Stixxay and aphromoo with their own, Matt and Piglet. Just 3 minutes into the game, TL already had 4 kills to CLG’s 0. It really looked like they might snowball into the midgame.

However, CLG’s aggressive duo Dardoch and Darshan managed to relieve some of the pressure for the rest of the team to catch up. Approaching the 20 minute mark, they had already taken 5 of TL’s towers down. Darshan then helped himself to a killing spree. In the end, the overwhelming pressure on the midlane opened up the Nexus for a quick 26 minute win.


One of the most epic plays of the series unfolded in the 2nd match. At around 9:30, Darshan was surrounded by top lane tower by TL’s Lourlo, Reignover and Goldenglue. Against overwhelming odds, he managed to evade the inevitable death just long enough to trade evenly with Reignover.

Meanwhile, the rest of the CLG’s team kept pushing through bottom and mid lane, slowly raising the gold advantage in the process. Nevertheless, TL were holding their own throughout the midgame and into the late game, ever so slightly behind. Piglet was dominating on the TL side. However, CLG’s clever lane pushing and macro-plays didn’t allow TL to capitalize on teamfights.

Shortly after the 40 minute mark, the critical teamfight saw 4 of the TL’s players dying. It was too much to come back from. CLG pushed through to the Nexus and it was all over just a minute and a half later. A great start for team CLG in the NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2 and week 1!

Check out the previous day’s action.

FOX vs. FLY – 2:0

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2 FOXFLY


In their first game, Echo Fox took the initiative first, with Akaadian going on a 4 kill rampage in less than 3 minutes. While he was giving FLY a headache, the rest of the FOX team were somewhat shut-off by FLY WildTurtle’s aggressive plays.

20 minutes into the game it was still pretty even for both teams. Then, FOX first got the Baron kill, trading 2-for-2 in the ensuing teamfight. FOX’s Froggen went on a rampage of his own in the meantime.

30 minute mark clocked and it was still anyone’s game. Then, FLY’s Baron engagement turned fatal. FOX surprised them and decimated heavily. This snowballed rapidly and just seconds later FOX was already in the enemy base, taking the first game win with a 14-8 score.


Second game was one of the best and most exciting matches in the series, if not in the entire week so far!

Early on into the midgame, FLY had the upper hand, but FOX players were just a step behind. FOX took over in the midgame, stopping FLY’s weak split-lane push. In less than 5 minutes, FOX took down 6 towers with a significant player kill advantage. It looked like it was over then and there…

With just an inch of health left on the Nexus, FLY somehow managed to wipe out FOX and survive for almost 10 more minutes! Then they quickly took the Baron kill, negating FOX’s gold advantage. Running back to the base, they staged an absolutely monstrous defense for a second time in a row, mercilessly chopping down the scattered FOX.

Despite their heroic efforts, it was not enough. FOX, on the verge of a disaster, went all-in, swarming towards the Nexus to seal a 2-0 victory. What a game!


Thats it for the NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 2. Make sure you leave a comment down below if you thought that last game was absolutely sick! Also, stay tuned as we bring you the weekly recaps of the upcoming NA & EU LCS series.