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NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 1 : CLG Surprise C9, IMT Stomp Over P1 - Esportsranks
NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 1 : CLG Surprise C9, IMT Stomp Over P1

While the EU Summer Split is progressing as expected, the first day of the NA LCS Summer Split 2017 was a stage for upsets and surprises. Dardoch’s arrival seems to be the best thing for CLG to happen so far. Immortals definitely profited from Xmithies unique support talent against Phoenix1.

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 1

Cloud 9 vs. Counter Logic Gaming – 1:2

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 1 CLG


The first game was a warm-up for CLG. C9 came in with full force, decimating CLG across the map from the get go. Winning most all of the teamfights, they didn’t let CLG take a breath and stabilise. With 19 to 7 kills and 8 towers down on the CLG’s side, C9 took the easy first win in a bit less than 38 minutes of playtime. NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 1 looked to be going as predicted.


The second match saw a determined and composed CLG gameplay kick in. They started fully utilising and capitalising on Dardoch’s aggressive approach, as well as aphromoo and Stixxay’s obvious duo chemistry. C9’s overextending definitely played into their strengths as well. Nevertheless, a balanced and uncertain early game was a kill-for-kill display of coordination and teamplay from both sides.

By the start of midgame, CLG’s pressure somewhat slowed down. C9 picked up a Baron kill and managed to lower the deficit in tower kills. A crucial teamfight at the 32 minute mark went in CLG’s favor. They soon capitalized on this by pushing midlane and picking off the remaining C9 survivors. The second Baron engagement saw C9 attempting to steal. This fell short when CLG staged a collective counter-attack and stopped them in their tracks.

Although C9 managed to get the Baron kill soon after, the waning map presence was too much to come back from. Towers were falling down one by one and CLG closed out the game at 41 minute mark with a convincing 20-10 kill score.


A shook C9 entered the third game a bit too cautiously. It became apparent in the first few teamfights where CLG’s focused and determined aggression led by Dardoch and Darshan soon started to pay off. CLG taking a Baron kill and pushing the bottom lane all the way to the base was enough for C9 to completely lose composure. Scattered around the map, they were picked off one by one. CLG continued to rotate across going all 5 together.

Despite overstaying a bit too long in a couple of teamfights, CLG maintained the initiative for the rest of the game. Huhi managed to get a godlike streak. Super minions were flooding the base and it was all too late for C9 after a long 54 minutes of game 3.

Want to read what happened on the other side of the pond? Check the EU recap here.

Immortals vs. Phoenix1 – 2:1

NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 1


In a forgettable performance of the first game, Immortals spent 44 minutes trying to come up with something against P1 obviously superior macro-plays and map movement. Despite having a 3 to 1 tower kills advantage entering into midgame, they failed to establish any meaningful initiative for the rest of the match.

This was most apparent in teamfights where P1 were shredding through IMT like a hot knife through butter, even managing to steal the Baron kill from IMT in the process. The bottom lane pressure translated into mid and top lane slowly shrinking back as well. In the end P1 simply maintained the upper hand and got the first win.


IMT entered the second match determined to turn things around. Less than 2 minutes in, they went all 5 through the top jungle and surprised P1 with overwhelming numbers. Scoring an easy first blood, they swung the tempo immediately to their side. P1 equalised soon after and we entered a chaotic kill-for-kill period.

After 10 minutes, IMT pushed the bottom lane, picking off a few tower and player kills in the process. This started a slow snowballing effect. P1 were unable to stop it for the rest of the game. Despite overstepping and overstaying in a lot of teamfights, IMT secured a win after 42 minutes with 20 kills to P1’s 9.


Both sides started slow, with IMT’s Pobelter getting the first blood after a full 11 minutes in. Action quickly ensued as both teams started engaging each other in 2v2s and 3v3s. Clocking 19 minutes in, IMT finally got their first crucial teamfight win. This translated into gold advantage and tower kills.

This advantage was too much for P1 to come back. IMT risked nothing and went all 5 together for the rest of the match. With 4x the amount of kills (16-4) in the end, IMT needed only 30 minutes to get the win and take the first series.


NA LCS Summer Split 2017 Day 1 showed us promise for a lot of fun and excitement in the upcoming matches. Are we in for a shift in the top? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned as we bring you the recap from action packed Day 2 soon!