NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Day 1 – TL squish TSM

This match was billed to be the battle of the Titans. Both teams were at the top of most people’s power rankings, with TSM being at the top of most lists. Whoever won this game would likely be the favourites to win the entire spring split.

TSM vs. TL – Game 1

The game started off slowly, which is understandable considering the amount of pressure on both teams. Hauntzer was cut down in the early game after a great roam by Pobelter. TSM had great farm and great pressure, however, and were actually ahead despite being behind in kills.

An explosive dive by TL showed that the best bot lane in the West was a title which Sven and Mithy would have to earn. Furthermore, first turret was secured straight after by TL. Team Liquid were now firmly in the driver’s seat.

TL were relentless, applying pressure all over the map. The game plan was obvious and it was definitely working. Catch TSM off guard with some early pressure and then reap the benefits. A fantastic mid lane Herald gave TL an even bigger advantage.

Team Liquid were now in the same position that Immortals were against TSM, when they stomped them in the early game but threw a massive lead. It didn’t seem as if TL were going to make the same mistake, however, and secured baron at 24 minutes. TL were simply cool and calculated, and TSM simply never got into the game. In under 30 minutes, Liquid completely destroyed TSM and the money they spent over the summer was definitely money well spent.

Every single player on TL came together as a cohesive unit, to take down a poor looking TSM on the first day of the NA LCS Spring Split 2018.


The NA LCS Spring Split 2018 exploded in TL’s favour. If Team Liquid could continue this level of competitive play, then they are definitely in with a shot of unseating the kings of NA. TSM can never be counted out, and once they do settle in, Mithy and Sven especially, they are likely to continue their dominance.

NA LCS Spring 2018 Day 1

TSM with their new sponsor, looking happier than they will after that game

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