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NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings - Esportsranks
NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings

Welcome to our first edition of the NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings. Today, we’ll take a look at all the new rosters and decide who we think are the best and the worst. The NA split has been the hardest call for years now, even more so this year because of the removal of older teams and them being replaced by the new ones. As a result, the ensuing roster shuffle was unprecedented, with only a few teams keeping their players, while others others got totally new rosters.

So, without further delay, let’s get started.

#1 TSM

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings


TSM are almost definitely the strongest team in the league. Hauntzer and Bjergsen are both tried and tested solo laners. Zven and Mithy are known, or have been known, as the “best bot lane in the West.” Only Mike Yeung has some questions over him, owing to the general trend of NA junglers to start off strong, but slowly to lose their momentum. However, all in all, TSM are likely to add another notch to their bedpost this season.


Hauntzer – Top
Mike Yeung – Jungle
Bjergsen – Mid
Zven – ADC
Mithy – Support
SSONG – Coach

Example odds: Team Liquid vs. TSM 2.09:1.75 (GGBET)

As you can see from these odds, TSM are favourites to beat Team Liquid, but only by a little bit. That means that the bookies are considering Team Liquid to be very strong also. But even then, TSM are still the favourites and are also definitely the tournament favourites. They have a great coach, who they picked up from Immortals.

#2 Team Liquid

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings


Team Liquid are second in most people’s estimations. One of the most important things for the up and coming season is pre-existing synergy. That is because while some of the other teams were simply cobbled up using money, Team Liquid had a lot of existing pieces get carried over to the new split. Doublelift, Pobeleter and Xmithie all played on CLG together. Pobelter, Olleh and Xmithie also all played together on Immortals. This is why they’re considered to be the second-best team in the League, as well as having pretty interesting odds against TSM.

Example odds: Team Liquid vs. TSM 2.09:1.75 (GGBET)

Impact – Top
Xmithe – Jungle
Pobelter – Mid
Doublelift – ADC
Olleh – Support
Cain – Coach

Both TSM and TL have pre-existing team synergy, and this is vital to the reasoning behind putting them number 1 and 2. The only reason TSM are above TL is that they have a track record of winning splits, whereas TL do not.

#3 100 Thieves

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings

100 Thieves

100 Thieves has a solid roster, but it definitely has some question marks over it. Meteos has very up and down form, Ssumday hasn’t performed incredibly well at all teams he has been in, and Ryu also has had some problems. However, aphromoo is known for his dominate shotcalling and therefore should be able to glue this team together into a cohesive unit. This puts a lot of pressure onto aphromoo, but this is definitely pressure he can handle.

Example odds: 100 Thieves vs. CLG 2.3:1.62 (GGBET)

Ssumday – Top
Meteos – Jungle
Ryu – Mid
Cody Sun – ADC
aphromoo – Support
Pr0lly – Coach

#4 CLG

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings


Although a lot of NA LCS Spring Split 2018 power rankings place CLG higher than 100 Thieves, the individual talent on 100 Thieves is arguably better than on CLG. Furthermore, CLG have slowly but surely been gutted of their most integral players, Xmithe and aphromoo, for example. This is why they are #4 here instead of #3. Expect it to be a hell of a close split, though, with all of these teams competing for the top spot.

Darshan – Top
Reignover – Jungle
Huhi – Mid
Stixxay – ADC
Biofrost – Support
Zikz – Coach

#5 Golden Guardians


NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings

Golden Guardians


GoldenGuardians don’t have the strongest roster when it comes to individual talent. They do, however, have a few things which put them in the running not only for a top 4 spot (although they’re 5th here) but also to make it to Worlds 2018. Firstly they have Hai, who helped lead FlyQuest to an unbeaten run in spring 2017. They also managed to secure Contractz, who definitely wasn’t given up by C9 because of lack of talent. Not only did he have a good run during the regular split, he managed to continue this into Worlds 2017, where he had some amazing performances. Lourlo is a great top laner, and has pre-existing synergy with Matt.

TLDR; Golden Guardians are shaping up to be the dark horses of the NA LCS Spring Split 2018.

Lourlo – Top
Contractz – Jungle
Hai – Mid
Deftly – ADC
Matt – Support
Locodoco – Coach

The only potential problem for this team is the untested ability of Deftly in the NA LCS. Should he prove himself worthy, however, then this team could be challenging for the top spots.

#6 C9

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings


C9 definitely have the potential to continue challenging for the top 3 spots in the NA LCS, however, Licorice is a massive downgrade from former world champion and overall powerhouse Impact. Furthermore, Svenskeren has had his fair share of troubles in the regular split. If both Licorice and Svenskeren can hold their own, then the other 3 players on C9 have remained unchanged, which gives them an advantage when it comes to this new league of new teams. A lot is resting on Svenskeren and Licorice, but Jensen is probably still one of the best mid laners in the league and may just carry them to a top spot, especially if he and Sven have some synergy.

Licorice – Top
Svenskeren – Jungle
Jensen – Mid
Sneaky – ADC
Smoothie – Support
Reapered – Coach

#7 Clutch Gaming


NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings

Clutch Gaming

There’s a very important reason why Clutch Gaming are at #7 and not a lot further up. Febiven may not be able to compete with some of the other mid laners in the league. He is going up against some seriously good players. H2K never really managed to compete as much as they would have liked in EU, and despite his amazing time at Fnatic, he hasn’t seen that form since. Should he hit that form again, Clutch Gaming are likely to be a lot higher in the power rankings. His move to NA will either completely throw him, or will make him stronger than ever. He will be helped in the mid lane by potentially the best jungler in the league, Lira, and a bot lane with some great synergy. This team has the potential to go all the way, or to be at the bottom of the rankings, only time will tell.

Solo – Top
LirA – Jungle
Febiven – Mid
Apollo – ADC
Hakuho – Support
Dlim – Coach

Our one to watch: Golden Guardians vs. Clutch Gaming 2.63 vs. 1.49

Golden Guardians are likely to perform a lot better at the beginning of the NA LCS Spring Split 2018 than at the end, just like FlyQuest did last season. Based on team skill, Clutch Gaming are probably better, which is what the bookies obviously look at. Based on who will win this match, it’s a lot closer than the bookies might think. This is a very shrewd bet, and could pay out in favour of Golden Guardians.

#8 Echo Fox

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings

Echo Fox

Individual talent isn’t everything when it comes to a new roster. This is why Echo Fox are so low in the power rankings. Their team has far too many egotistical players and will take a while for them to gel. Huni and Dardoch will likely argue non-stop, with Huni asking for all the resources, whilst Dardoch plays the way he wants to. This will cause problems for the rest of the team, and the knock on effect is that Echo Fox won’t start to compete until the end of Spring 2018, beginning of Summer 2018.

Huni – Top
Dardoch – Jungle
FeniX – Mid
Altec – ADC
Adrian – Support
Inero – Coach

#9 FlyQuest

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings


FlyQuest has one of the weaker rosters, and that is the reason they are so low on the power rankings. Flame was good at Immortals, AnDa is a hyped up player, but is relatively new to coming to the NA LCS Spring Split 2018. WildTurtle is a great player at times but is incredibly inconsistent and particularly unreliable. When he is given the tools to carry, he carries, but he’s not very good at playing without resources or playing with perfect positioning (a hallmark of a great ADC). Fly is a great mid laner, who has played for some of Korea’s best teams, but one player doesn’t make a team.

Flame – Top
AnDa – Jungle
Fly – Mid
WildTurtle – ADC
Stunt – Support
Robert Yip – Coach

#10 OpTic Gaming

NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Power Rankings

Optic Gaming

Optic by far feels like the weakest team in the NA LCS Spring Split 2018. They definitely have some carry players, PoE is a good mid laner and Arrow is a great ADC when he gets enough resources poured into him. However, LemonNation isn’t considered to be one of the better supports, Akaadian burst into the NA scene and then hit a hump, and Zig’s last team P1 didn’t have the best Spring and Summer Splits 2017. They do have some team synergy, as a lot of these players were on P1, but P1 wasn’t a strong team and this will probably continue into the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split.

Zig – Top
Akaadian – Jungle
PowerOfEvil – Mid
Arrow – ADC
LemonNation – Support
H3CZ – Coach


And that concludes our first power rankings for the NA LCS Spring Split 2018. It was an insanely hard one to call, so feel free to criticize for anything that you disagreed on.

Which team playing in the NA LCS Spring Split 2018 do you think will come out on top in the end? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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