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NA LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 - Echo Fox are Top, TSM Continue to Flop - Esportsranks
NA LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 – Echo Fox are Top, TSM Continue to Flop

TSM’s woes continued in Week 5 of the NA LCS Spring Season 2018 as they lost to arguably their biggest rivals in Cloud9. Meanwhile, Echo Fox and C9 are still completely neck and neck at the very top of the pack, with 8 wins and 1 loss a-piece. TSM had another 0-2 week, and if they don’t improve soon, we might see them change up the roster. Speaking of Echo Fox, they took down C9 to put themselves on top, but C9 should still be happy with how they’re currently doing.

Overall, this was a week of some crazy battles and comebacks, so sit back and relax as we give to you everything that happened in Week 5 of the NA LCS Spring Season 2018.

NA LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 Day 1

CLG vs. Team Liquid – Team Liquid win

The early game was incredibly slow, with first blood only at 26 minutes. Both teams were scaling hard throughout the early game, but TL came out with the first Baron of the game. CLG didn’t want them to take the buff, and managed to get 4 out of 5 of the Baron buffs off key members of TL. Despite this, TL had a decent gold lead going into the late game, and the combination of Galio and Camille was proving very hard to deal with. The split push was, in the end, too much to deal with and TL started breaking the base of CLG. TL managed to end the game thanks to the split push.

Echo Fox vs. 100T – Echo Fox win

Huni got demolished in the early game, after picking up Yasuo. 100 Thieves were pressuring well across the map, but it was Echo Fox who were able to pick up Baron at 23 minutes after some great rotations. Furthermore, Fenix was an absolute monster on Zoe, and managed to continually pick off key members of 100 Thieves with constant one hits. Echo Fox showed a great amount of prowess with some fantastic split pushing, completely dividing 100 Thieves’ roster between Huni and the rest of the team. It was all too much for 100 Thieves, and Echo Fox took triple inhibitor and despite Jinx’s wave clear, ended the game.

NA LCS Spring Season 2018

Echo Fox are the top dogs

C9 vs. TSM – C9 win

The old rivalry was played out on the first day, however this time it was C9 with the advantage, not TSM. TSM started the early game off very well, but an over-dive by TSM’s MikeYeung allowed C9 back into the game. Frustrating, but certainly not unheard of for newer players. TSM couldn’t hold on to their base, as C9 picked up Baron and continued to pressure them all over the map. TSM definitely seemed as if they didn’t have any of the answers, as C9 continued to question their ability to defend. After a terribly taken team-fight by TSM (it seemed as if they had given up) C9 managed to break the base. The fans and players will be absolutely delighted with this derby win, as they help secure their spot at the top of the rankings of the NA LCS Spring Season 2018 with Echo Fox.

NA LCS Spring Season 2018

C9 get revenge on their rivals, TSM

Clutch Gaming vs. FlyQuest – Clutch Gaming win

FlyQuest managed to pick up first and second blood, on probably the worst champion to get it on (Vladimir). It was a very close run affair in the early game, as both teams were trading objectives and kills across the map. When Fly took one turret, CG took the opposing turret across the map. This meant the gold was incredibly even going into the mid game. Baron was picked up by Clutch after a couple of picks by the middle of the pack team. This gave them a big gold advantage, which they then used to bully FlyQuest over Baron, picking up the Big Purple Worm for the second time this game. CG played to their strengths and managed to end the first round robin at 5-4.

NA LCS Spring Season 2018

Apollo and the rest of CG celebrate their win

Optic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians – Optic Gaming win

Akaadian helped PowerOfEvil pick up first blood, as he did so many times last season. Arrow picked up the Draven this game and managed to pick up a kill and an extra 250 gold. Those of you who have played against a Draven in solo queue before will know how much this will hurt GG’s chances of winning. It all looked to be over fairly quickly, but a great roam by Hai shut-down arrow on Draven and an overstep by LemonNation gave Deftly on Kalista yet another kill. A 3-0 Kalista is as scary a prospect as an early kill Draven. Optic threw away their kill lead, but not yet their gold lead. However, a monstrous quadra (very almost penta) for Arrow on Draven signalled the end of the game. This surprisingly patient game by Optic eventually broke GG’s base and the Elder Drake and Baron helped them finally finish.

NA LCS Spring Season 2018 Week 5 Day 2

Clutch Gaming vs. TSM – Clutch Gaming win

It was now do or die time for TSM. They had to show that they could beat Clutch Gaming, if they were still in with a shot of remaining the kings of NA. The early game had a lot of action, as both teams picked up some kills very early on. Solo on Camille with a great play dodged Zven’s Tristana ultimate and picked him off. MikeYeung was caught at Baron, and Clutch really started on piling the advantages around the mid-game. Zven seemed to not really know what he was doing this game, and a failed steal by MikeYeung gave CG the first Baron of the game. Clutch almost wiped TSM for no kills in return. Elder and Baron were both picked up shortly afterwards, and TSM were now in serious trouble. Shortly afterwards Clutch secured themselves towards the top of the standings, beating TSM.

Golden Guardians vs. Team Liquid – Golden Guardians win

TL picked up first blood after a great gank by Xmithie. They also picked up first turret, despite some good play by Ggs in the mid-lane. TL weren’t playing in their usual, clinical manner. Perhaps because they were underestimating their opponents? Golden Guardians were using this to their advantage, and managed to kill double lift and shortly after pressured Baron. This gave them a big lead going into the mid to late game. An overstep by Golden Guardians meant that Team Liquid actually started to even up the gold. That will be a frustrating one for the Guardians. However, Lourlo was playing out of his mind this game and GG managed to pick up Elder and Baron, thanks to his play. GG managed to just about pick up their second win of the split, which was very well deserved indeed.

Echo Fox vs. C9 – Echo Fox win

The match-up of the NA LCS Spring Season 2018 that everyonw was waiting for.

An unbelievably dangerous and confident pick by Licorice saw him playing Huni’s signature Lucian vs. Gangplank. Constant punishment of the pick by Dardoch gave Huni a lead in the early game. Smoothie was roaming across the map yet again, which netted his team first turret. However, this was instantly replied in the bot lane. The game was as close as most people expected, however, it was Fox who were coming out of laning phase with a massive gold lead.

Huni was relentless in his pressure on Licorice, evidently showing the Rookie that he couldn’t just pick Lucian and expect to get away with it. That massive lead in the top lane helped Fox end the game at 33 minutes. Let’s hope that Licorice has learnt his lesson, play with fire, and you get burned.

100 Thieves vs. CLG – 100 Thieves win

As Aphromoo said after their first game, CLG just needed some time to gel. This was incredibly accurate analysis, as his former team pressured them very early on. However, the man himself playing Bard managed to ulti the turret, Biofrost, and leave Sitxxay completely isolated in perhaps one of the best Bard ultis we’ve seen in a while. CLG started to pull ahead, mainly because of 100 Thieves taking unnecessary fights. However, a great macro call netted 100T Baron, keeping the gold incredibly equal.

After a fight in favour of CLG, Aphromoo’s re-engage on Bard was again beautiful, making the trade go in favour of his former team. This game was not ending, until 100 Thieves picked up Baron, Elder and then ANOTHER Baron (this time a steal) and then finally ended the game after 50 minutes. What a great game.

NA LCS Spring Season 2018

Aphromoo smiling, probably after a particularly clean Bard ultimate

FlyQuest vs. Optic Gaming – FlyQuest Win

Both of these teams needed to win this game to make sure that they didn’t end the first half of the split in too bad of a position. Arrow was again on the Draven, after the success he had on the champion the game before. Optic got the early game gold lead, taking turrets and kills. Arrow still hadn’t picked up a kill, which is always a scary position for a Draven. A pick on Akaadian gave FlyQuest the Baron, which netted them some turrets and gave them a gold lead. Arrow picked up a kill at 29 minutes which gave him a massive gold spike, thanks to Draven’s passive. An engage onto Turtle looked dangerous. The counter-engage by the Janna and the flash out of Turtle meant that Optic ended up losing the fight, and Baron.

What seemed like an impossible defence by Optic was turned around into a kill on Turtle and Flame, which looked as if it was going to mean a win for Optic. An amazing last-ditch defence, this time in favour of FlyQuest, meant that they ended the game and moved up the standings of the NA LCS Spring Season 2018.

Which matches in Week 5 of the NA LCS Spring Season 2018 surprised you the most? Which team disappointed you the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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