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NA LCS Spring 2018 Week 3 Preview - Esportsranks
NA LCS Spring 2018 Week 3 Preview

After two weeks of action in the NA LCS Spring 2018, one thing that we can say for sure is that it’s only going to get even more difficult to predict what on earth is going to happen next going forward. We knew that this year was always going to be crazy. The new signings and new teams warranted that. However, for the NA LCS Spring 2018 to turn out like this? Not in our wildest dreams.

Like, who would have ever thought that Echo Fox would go unbeaten? That they’d do so while taking down TSM? Meanwhile, it’s a three-way tie between CI, 100 Thieves and Team Liquid for now after each team dropped only one game during tnhe first two weeks of the NA LCS Spring 2018.

Clutch Gaming and FlyQuest are middle of the pack, after two victories and two losses each. Though the biggest surprise of the NA LCS Spring 2018 has been the aforementioned TSM and the way they’ve started the season. Although by no means irreversible (they certainly have enough time to come back into this season) the fact that they had to struggle to defeat Optic to earn their first and only victory is definitely a bad sign. CLG and Optic are also both sitting at 1-3, with Golden Guardians bringing up the rear at 0-4.

Despite the picture being a bit clearer now, there is still a lot of time for things to change.

Below is our preview for the third week of the NA LCS Spring 2018.

CLG vs Echo Fox

Match Schedule: February 3, Saturday (2300H / 11:00 PM CET)

This game will either solidify Echo Fox at the very top of the roster, or make the whole split even more confusing. Should Echo Fox win, which is the most likely outcome, then they will likely be the strongest team this split. Huni has had unbeaten runs before, is this just his newest one? The surprise gelling of the Echo Fox roster has led to some fantastic results, with all of the players playing out of their minds.

The reason this game will be so interesting to watch? This is the first time Huni and Reignover have faced off in the West. The players dominated the EU and NA LCS together, and you can definitely expect them to give each other a hug after the game. This one isn’t one for betting unless you’re either betting on Echo Fox to win, or you know something the bookies don’t.

NA LCS Spring 2018

TSM are looking weak right now

TSM vs Golden Guardians

Match Schedule: February 4, Sunday (0300H / 03:00 AM CET)

Despite beating Optic Gaming, TSM struggled against them. It took them well over 50 minutes, and they deliberately took late game scaling champions with runes such as gathering storm. Furthermore, TSM also lost vs. Echo Fox in a comeback by Echo Fox. These warning signs make every single game by TSM up for grabs for the opponent. Despite sitting at 0-4, Golden Guardians would simply have to push aggressively and catch TSM out, and they could build themselves up an advantage. If they focus bot lane and tilt Zven and Mithy, they definitely have a chance of winning.

If TSM do lose this game, you can expect there to some long talks with the TSM coaching staff and players.

NA LCS Spring 2018

Golden Guardians took on Clutch Gaming in the first week

TSM vs 100 Thieves

Match Schedule: February 5, Monday (0000H / 12:00 MN CET)

This will be another massive test for TSM. The odds on Betway are completely even, at 1.85 each. TSM are having a very tough season thus far, and it’s a testament to their former prowess that they’re still sitting at the same odds as a 3-1 team when they’re at 1-3 themselves. This is actually quite a tough match to call, however. This could be the time that TSM turn their season around, and it will be interesting to see if they can successfully do it vs. a 100 Thieves team which is frankly looking very strong indeed. There’s a hell of a lot to play for, so we’ll see what happens, but it will definitely be an exciting game, and could be worth a flutter depending on whether you support one of the teams or not.

NA LCS Spring 2018

100 Thieves

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Which matches are you looking forward to the most in week 3 of the NA LCS Spring 2018? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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