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NA LCS Regionals 2018 Day 2: Odds, Analysis, Predictions - Esportsranks
NA LCS Regionals 2018 Day 2: Odds, Analysis, Predictions

Now that Echo Fox are fresh off of doing a solid against Clutch Gaming, they’re walking into Day 2 of the NA LCS Regionals 2018, where TSM will be waiting for them.

But, before we talk about that, let’s talk about how Echo Fox seem to have found renewed strength. Against Clutch Gaming, they looked as good as they did at the start of the split, back when they were on top of the ladder without anyone even close to standing up to them.

The most striking thing about Echo Fox’s victory against Clutch Gaming is just how seamlessly they were able to pull their win off. There were no signs that Clutch Gaming was one of the top talents of the region. Instead, Clutch Gaming was brought down in a quick and brutal 3-0 in which they barely had a chance to fight back.

That kind of victory should give TSM a lot to think about as we head into Day 2 of the NA LCS Regionals 2018.

All odds courtesy of ArcaneBet.

The Keys to Winning for Echo Fox

NA LCS Regionals 2018

Huni did a great job carrying his team against Clutch Gaming. Can he do the same against Bjergsen? (Image via LoL Esports Flickr)

There’s a lot to take out of from today’s match. One is that Huni is finally showing some synchronization with his team, and not dying to over extension as often (or not much at all). He’s shown that he’s capable of playing tanks and hard carries in the top lane, and he’s come out on top in both cases.

The first game of the match was completely snowballed once Solo got killed repeatedly by more than half of Echo Fox rotating over and over again. Solo didn’t stand a chance against those rotations, and ended up feeling Huni preemptively, which soon translated to a wide blown gold lead for Echo Fox.

Another thing to notice about this match is how dependable the rest of Echo Fox was around Huni. He didn’t seem like he was solo carrying anymore, but had a team to play around. He was the main focus, while the rest of the team did their job perfectly. Damonte and Lost both focused on maximizing their damage and farming, all the while ensuring that Huni got ahead.

Dardoch spent most of his time towards the top lane, which isn’t that big of a surprise and we saw Smoothie pay attention across the map too. Proactive plays like this were something that Clutch Gaming didn’t have an answer to, and we suspect TSM won’t have one either.

NA LCS Regionals 2018 Day 2: Prediction

Betting: Echo Fox to win at 2.51 odds (ArcaneBet)

TSM have appeared quite shaky during their last few performances, and Echo Fox looked stellar in their last. There’s little chance that Hauntzer will be able to keep up with Huni through the pressure that we’re expecting to fall on him. If Damonte plays anything like he did today, Bjergsen won’t have any opportunities to get ahead because Damonte played quite safely in lane. He focused on farming and only roamed after confirmed kills.

Having said that, we think Echo Fox will take this one away and proceed to their game against Cloud 9.

We’re predicting the score to be 3-1, for a margin of one game to go over to TSM.

Do you think TSM stands a better chance against Echo Fox than we do in their matchup in Day 2 of the NA LCS Regionals 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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