NA LCS 2018 Spring Split Day 1 – TL, 100T, FOX, C9 win

The first day of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split was an exciting affair, with 100 Thieves, Echo Fox, C9, Team Liquid, and Clutch Gaming all showing that they could beat their opposite numbers in fairly dominant fashion. Optic, Fly, CLG, TSM, and Golden Guardians would now have to show that they were here to compete. All the teams are playing again tomorrow, so we won’t have long to wait until we find out!

ind out what happened in the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split TL vs. TSM.

100 Thieves vs. Optic – 100 Thieves win

A very slow game with lots of macro and not a lot of kills was dominated by 100 Thieves. Despite an attempted fightback and some potential miscommunication and missteps by 100 Thieves, they managed to secure a lot of Barons in what was a long game. They eventually managed to push for the win with the final Baron buff of the game, and, as expected, managed to defeat Optic. Optic looked ok, but if they can’t beat 100 Thieves who some people had as low as 6th or 7th in their power rankings, they will struggle against others even more.

FOX vs. FLY – Echo Fox WIN

FlyQuest were one man down, with Keane stepping up at the last minute to replace Fly, who could not play due to visa issues. Echo Fox looked to use this to their advantage, as they broke open the game at 12 minutes over a red buff. Huni was playing his pocket meme pick, Lucian top. Repeatedly jumping in and 1v1ing Wildturtle was definitely helping FOX to win. Unfortunately, FLY were too far behind because of the early game, and FOX ended the game with the first and only Baron of the game.

CLG vs. C9 – C9 win

It was a relatively slow game, until a weird and wonderful dive at 8 minutes gave a kill to CLG, but C9 answered back almost immediately after. CLG had definitely identified Licorice as a potential weak link, and continued to dive and pressure him in the top lane. Jensen was hoping to carry the game, but he would have to battle past Huhi’s Malzahaar first. Another cancelled teleport by Licorice showed some potential miscommunication. The core of C9, who managed to help C9 have a good Worlds run in 2017, were obviously still there and C9 went ahead for the first time this game. They then used baron to end the game, and C9 start their season off with a win.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Split

Week 1 Day 1 at 2018 NA LCS Spring Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 20 January 2018.

CG vs. GGS – Clutch Gaming win

Hai was unable to lead Golden Guardians to an early surge in the rankings, like he managed to last season with FlyQuest. Clutch Gaming got an early game lead, mainly thanks to some great jungling by LirA. This early game lead was used to destroy a lot of Golden Guardian’s base, however a decent defence by GGS meant that CG would have to work for their victory. Respect to Golden Guardians for fighting until the bitter end, but Clutch Gaming, in the end, won in an incredibly one way fashion.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Split

Week 1 Day 1 at 2018 NA LCS Spring Split in Los Angeles, California, USA on 20 January 2018.

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