NA LCS 2018 Spring Season Week 6 Preview – Ones to Watch, Who to Bet on

Echo Fox will take to the rift again in Week 6 of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Season. This time, they’re hoping to defeat one of their biggest rivals in Team Liquid to secure their top spot. Meanwhile, TSM have a testing week. They’re set to face both Echo Fox and OpTic Gaming. Should they lose in their matchup against the latter, their season should practically be all over, disappointing their fans. As for Clutch Gaming, they’ll look to build on their last week’s run, but it will not come easy as they’ll have to beat Cloud9 twice.

Below, we took a look at the games scheduled for Week 6 of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Season to give you our recommendations for which ones you should watch or bet on.

Optic Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

NA LCS 2018 Spring Season

Match Schedule: February 25 (02:00 GMT+1)

Considering both teams have improved over the last few weeks, and are probably considered pretty equal by a lot of pundits, the bookies have them at some very strange odds. By heavily favouring Optic Gaming in their odds, it seems as if the inconsistency of both teams hasn’t been taken into account. It’s very likely that Golden Guardians can beat Optic, and the odds simply don’t reflect the possibilities. It wouldn’t be considered an upset for GG to win, yet the odds suggest otherwise. It depends on a lot of factors, but don’t be surprised if GG win this game, particularly if Lourlo gets rolling in the top lane.

Match Odds: 1.57 (OpTic Gaming) vs 2.25 (Golden Guardians)


Team Liquid vs. FlyQuest

Match Schedule: February 25 (03:00 GMT+1)

This is a slightly riskier one, and the bookies agree. However, judging my TL’s ability to capitulate and throw, and by FlyQuest’s ability to fight until the bitter end, this could be an interesting one. FlyQuest have been playing pretty well recently, and their crazy tactics could throw Liquid off their game.

Match Odds: FlyQuest to win at 3.14 odds (GGbet)

Echo Fox vs. Team Liquid

NA LCS 2018 Spring Season

Match Schedule: February 26 (01:00 GMT+1)

As per usual not all of the games in this preview are games to bet on. Although you could if you wanted, as the odds aren’t terrible, this game is definitely one to watch. Team Liquid were favourites to win the whole split a few weeks ago, but they have since been outshone by Echo Fox and C9.

This is their chance to show that they should still be considered favourites, and if they can succeed in beating Echo Fox, many will see them as such. However, they will certainly struggle. Echo Fox have been playing exceedingly well since the beginning of the split.

Match Odds: Echo Fox to win at 1.72 odds (GGbet)

CLG vs Golden Guardians

Match Schedule: February 26 (02:00 GMT+1)

Golden Guardians have been fighting their damn near hardest to show that they don’t deserve to be at the bottom of the table. They’re a good squad, with some of the best players in the League. Lourlo is a fantastic top laner, Hai is Hai, Contractz was one of the best rookie junglers and their bot lane is decent. They are also playing like they have nothing to lose, which they don’t. Their replacing of Locodoco with Akiri as head coach seems to have been working over the last few weeks. CLG on the other hand, are coming into this game off the back of a 0-2 week.

Match Odds: Golden Guardians to win at 2.61 odds (GGbet)


Which matches in Week 6 of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Season are you looking forward to the most? Do you think we’ll see a lot of upsets this week? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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