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LoL Weekly Recap: NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion - P1 & TL Survive Relegation! - Esportsranks
LoL Weekly Recap: NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion – P1 & TL Survive Relegation!

LCS and Beyond

NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion

Being the last 2 teams in NA LCS standings actually means that P1 and TL are the 10th and 9th best team in whole NA. They certainly proved their worth in NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion tournament.

eUnited and Gold Coin United got a chance to put their skills to the test against NA LCS calibre teams this week.

They didn’t get far though.

Team Liquid swept eUnited on Day 1, proving without a doubt that they are NA LCS material. They proceeded to defeat Phoenix1 on Day 2, securing their NA LCS stay right there and then.

However, Phoenix1 went the distance against Gold Coin United on Day 1. Then, on Day 3 they decidedly swept eUnited back into the Challengers Series!

As a sort of a consolation prize, eUnited managed to redeem the loss Gold Coin United handed them in the finals of NA CS. All in all, the challengers showed mere glimpses of quality here and there, but nothing substantial and worth mentioning.

NA LCS is no joke. These teams will have to step up their game.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion Bracket

Twitter @lolesports

However, P1’s and TL’s successful ordeal through the promotion tournament holds little value due to Riot’s franchising plans for 2018 NA LCS. In fact, none of the current NA LCS teams are guaranteed anything at the moment.

NA Challenger will also be transformed into the breeding grounds for LCS teams, becoming a pure academy league.

Basically, the final outcome of the NA LCS 2018 Spring promotion tournament was largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, for all participants.

It’s reasonable to expect established brands such as TSM, Cloud9, CLG, Dignitas and TL stay in the league. Their deep-pocket investors will certainly play a key role in the deciding process as well.

Brands, teams and rosters may and probably will change, but the players will likely remain the same.

One thing we know for sure – the landscape will be a lot different next season. Money talks!

LCS Play of the Week

Despite NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion drawing most attention, EU LCS has provided us with an absolutely mental play this week!

Coincidence? Luck?! I don’t think so! This was a cold, calculated play by MSF Maxlore, a testament to the skill of a rookie jungler.

EU LCS Week 10 Summary

A seemingly irrelevant week for most EU LCS teams offered a highly unlikely chain of upsetting outcomes. Top teams obviously came in a bit more relaxed and underestimated the underdogs. The underdogs came in with a bite, and the top teams bled profusely.

ROCCAT somehow managed to emerge victorious against both G2 Esports and Misfits, Ninjas in Pyjamas defeated Fnatic and UOL lost against Vitality!


That last one was rather important, eh!?

You are right! UOL certainly needed a win against Vitality to remain at the top of group B. They defeated H2K on Day 4 to tie the final score, but the game differential was in favour of H2K with 21 wins and just 8 losses.

UOL accumulated 21 wins and 14 losses. All those unnecessary defeats and victories that went the distance finally came back to bite them in the rear! They learned a tough lesson – always win and sweep if you can, even if it doesn’t “matter”!

In the end, UOL will have to take an extra step and go through Misfits in the Quarterfinals. Splyce will take a tough route against G2. Fnatic and H2K secured direct Semifinals seeds.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion EU LCS Playoffs

Twitter @lolesports

Anything can happen, but Fnatic and G2 are the biggest favourites to take the trophy this season. Splyce and Misfits can pat themselves on the back if they reach Semifinals.

EU LCS 2018 Spring Promotion

Unlike NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion, EU LCS relegation tournament is shaping up to be a real treat.

Giants Gaming and Schalke 04 will be looking to climb back into EU LCS through Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mysterious Monkeys in EU LCS 2018 Spring Promotion tournament.

Giants will take on NiP. Schalke 04 will battle MM. The winners of those two BO5 series advance to the BO5 finals. Winner qualifies for 2018 EU LCS.

Losers of the first two matches play another BO5. The winner of that series takes on the loser from the finals.

The ultimate BO5 showdown winner will secure a second spot in the 2018 EU LCS.

The teams will certainly battle it out as hard as they can. Compared to NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion, the EU counterpart matters a lot more. For now at least.

There are rumours spreading that Riot is considering a Champions League model for the EU LCS.

UEFA’s premier league is the highest echelon of Europe’s football club-competition. It has a long history and tradition amongst football fans across the entire continent.

Emulating Champions League’s obviously established and successful model would certainly increase the appeal of LoL’s competitive scene in Europe. It would pit regional league teams against established EU LCS behemoths, providing an overwhelming challenge to smaller organisations.

EU CS could be remodelled after UEFA’s “B league” called Europa League.

This could work wonders in the long run, but Riot would have to yield control to third parties then. The requirements for such a vast ecosystem far exceed Riot’s own resources and logistics.

Riot could certainly keep an overseeing role similar to how UEFA handles their operations, but regional control would have to be handed over to regional leagues.

So far, Riot has been an absolute control freak. Can they break their mould?

LCK – SKT T1 Eliminate AFs, Progresses to Round 2

NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion SKT T1

Twitter @sktelecom_t1

In a recent interview for Invenglobal, just prior to their Round 1 series against Afreeca Freecs, SKT T1 Head Coach cCarter stated that the whole team is being pushed to their limits to forget about being tired.

Fatigue is probably not the only thing they need to forget.

A recent ’Caution’ issued by LCK Operations Committee for Bang’s controversial Twitch rhetoric certainly affected the team’s morale and stress levels.

Nevertheless, this freakish approach seems to have worked. SKT T1 convincingly swept Afreeca Freecs and qualified to Round 2 against Samsung GALAXY.

SSG has maintained their scary form from 2016, one that led them to World Championship finals. There, they fell short to none other than SKT T1. This year, during regular season, they managed to defeat SKT T1 twice!

Now, they have a unique opportunity to go 3-0 and potentially get rid of the archrival before 2017 World Championship even begins!

The scenario is certainly very possible. If SKT T1 does get eliminated in Round 2 against SSG, they will finish 4th and have a total of 130 points.

There are several routes towards kt Rolster and SSG securing more points than SKT T1 and eliminating the perennial archrival in the Regional Qualifiers.

One of the more exciting ones would definitely be Longzhu Gaming auto-qualifying for Worlds by defeating SSG in the Finals. This implies SSG defeating kt Rolster in the semifinals. Thus both teams would finish with 140 points, 10 more than SKT T1.

Now, kt Rolster would be #1 seed in Regionals, SKT T1 #2, Afreeca Freecs #3 and Team MVP #4.

SKT T1 has a favourable matchup against all of these teams, but kt Rolster would have a great chance for redemption!

Certainly an exciting LCK Playoffs ahead. We can’t wait for the results!

Watch Out! Vietnam Is Coming!

In case you forgot, one of this year’s MSI protagonists were GIGABYTE Marines. The Vietnam team placed 6th overall, just behind TSM, thus earning an extra slot for the entire region of Southeast Asia (GPL – Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand).

Their success has also prompted GPL and Riot to give an extra slot to Vietnam (VCSA). The last minute change sparked and fuelled significant drama and controversy in the following days.

A total of 11 teams from 5 other regions have signed the petition protesting the unannounced decision. Part of the reason was their concern that both Vietnam teams will qualify for 2017 World Championship. Vietnam has historically been a dominant country in GPL, so the concern was genuine.

Nevertheless, GPL and Riot were undeterred with their intentions and now we officially have 7 teams in this year’s GPL.

5 teams will fight through the double round robin BO1 group stage:

  • Headhunters – 2017 LGS Summer champions (Indonesia)
  • Resurgence – 2017 SLS Summer champions (Singapore)
  • Kuala Lumpur Hunters- 2017 TLC Summer champions (Malaysia)
  • Manila Eagles – 2017 PGS Summer champions (Philippines)
  • Young Generation – 2017 VCSA Summer second-placed (Vietnam)

Top 2 from the group stage will advance to playoffs. There, in the quarterfinals, they’ll be greeted by none other than GIGABYTE Marines themselves, as well as Ascension Gaming (Thailand summer champions).

NA LCS 2018 Spring Promotion Ascension Gaming

Credit: lol.gamepedia.com

Both Vietnam teams have very good chances of qualifying for Worlds. Although Ascension Gaming are no slouches, Young Generation have proven their worth in the VCSA.

If both Vietnam teams do advance to 2017 World Championship in the end, rest assured the other 5 countries will revive the drama and controversy immediately.

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