NA LCS Spring Split 2018 Week 2 Preview, Bets, Games to Watch

As predicted, the only thing predictable about the first week of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split was the fact that it would be unpredictable. TSM were at the very top of our power rankings and they lost to both FlyQuest and Team Liquid. With another week’s worth of games to go, all we can be sure of is that everything will be indeed hard to call once again.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top games to bet on, as well as a few that we think will be worth watching in week 2 of the NA LCS Spring Split 2018.

Day 1

TSM vs. Optic January 28th 00:00 (CET) – 1.42 vs 2.88

What? Optic beating TSM? Are you crazy? No. If this was the first match of the season, before last week, then the odds would have been very different. Optic went 0-2 in their first week, but so did TSM. There will be so much pressure on TSM to win this game, and Optic will surely know this. Lose to Optic gaming and some massive questions will be asked by fans about the new TSM roster. This pressure will surely be exploited by Optic, who didn’t even look that bad against Team Liquid in week 1 of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split.

It is still perfectly possible that TSM will simply destroy Optic and start their season here, but if Optic can focus and play like they did vs. TL, there is definitely a chance that Optic will continue TSM’s woes.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Split

TSM Roster

C9 vs. Echo Fox January 28th 01:00 (CET) – 1.85 vs. 1.96

This is more one to watch than one to bet on. Unless you’re a fan of either C9 or Echo Fox, then the odds aren’t really interesting enough, and the game is so very hard to call. However, both of these teams want to assert their dominance, whilst TSM flop and falter early on into the season. Whoever wins this, is likely to continue propelling themselves up the top of the rankings.

Both teams are 2-0, and both will fight tooth and nail to keep a perfect record. C9 is more of a unit already, but Echo Fox has raw talent and a roster which appears to be gelling. Dardoch is playing more as a team member, Huni is exciting to watch and Fenix is looking like a god. Watch this game.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Split

C9 Roster

Day 2

TSM vs. Echo Fox January 28th 23:00 (CET) – 2.19 vs. 1.69

Echo Fox are looking amazing, as previously stated, and TSM are vulnerable, as previously stated. It’s a strange thing, but for some reason, the bookies aren’t picking up on this. If I was a bookie right now I’d be very worried about offering TSM favourable odds, over Echo Fox. In terms of form, Echo Fox, no matter how unexpectedly, are completely dominant.

If Echo Fox can continue this domination that they’ve been showing in practically every lane, then TSM will definitely have problems facing them.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Split

Echo Fox Roster

C9 vs 100T January 29th 00:00 (CET) – 1.71 vs. 2.15

Again this is more one to watch, as both teams were 2-0 in the first week, and both teams look very strong. 100 Thieves have come together brilliantly as a powerhouse of a roster who are looking to challenge for Worlds 2018. They have great backroom staffing, coaching, and gaming house.

This will be an interesting one, and will help shape the picture of the NA LCS powerhouses more accurately.

NA LCS 2018 Spring Split

100 Thieves Roster


The NA LCS franchising shake-up has left everything incredibly new and hard to predict. However, the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split has been incredibly exciting so far, and it’s likely only going to continue to be so this weekend, especially given the slate of games we have above.

Which of the matches slated for week 2 of the NA LCS 2018 Spring Split are you looking forward to the most? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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