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NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview – Clash of Titans! - Esportsranks
NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 Preview – Clash of Titans!

Week 4 of the Summer Split is primed for an explosive start. With an opening series between Immortals and Counter Logic Gaming on the first day, there are some real gems sprinkled throughout this week. Esportsranks brings you our exclusive NA LCS 2017 Summer Split week 4 preview. Keep reading down below.


NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4, Day 1 (June 23)


A war between two teams that traded junglers prior to the Summer Split and that are now on an absolute tear? Sign us all up! Both teams benefited immensely from the trade, and it looks like it was just what both teams needed. Only one question remains – which team is better? Hands down our NA LCS 2017 Summer Split week 4 preview match of the week.

WINNER PREDICTION: The only predictable outcome here is that it will go the distance. 1:2 or 2:1.

FOX vs. P1

Echo Fox is the first realistic test for P1’s overhauled lineup. Not as strong as the top teams, but consistent and prepared enough to deserve the spot in the middle of the bracket. In other words, it’s a perfect opponent to see whether P1 can finally stop the huge losing streak (0-6).

WINNER PREDICTION: Phoenix1. Time to rise from the ashes of defeat!

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4, Day 2 (June 24)


The only victory FlyQuest managed to snatch so far was against the troubled Phoenix1 lineup. On the other side, TSM is on a 3-0 winning streak, and looking better each series. Realistically, FlyQuest needs to seek the victory somewhere else.


CLG vs. NV

As an established wildcard team of the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split, NV’s chances of beating CLG heavily depend on 2 factors – the outcome of IMT vs. CLG on Day 1, and NV’s own wildly inconsistent quality for this particular day. An upset is certainly possible here, although somewhat unlikely judging by NV’s most recent showings.


C9 vs. TL

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Cloud9 Sneaky

Twitter @lolesports

C9 finally looks to be on a path to full recovery, so TL has little chances here. Nevertheless, TL beat DIG in Week 2. Are they capable of another upset? We’ll find out soon, so stay tuned.



Team Dignitas’ only loss was a surprisingly embarrassing series against Team Liquid in Week 2. Immortals lost against EnVy that same week as well. Other than that, both teams had stellar performances so far. However, depending on the outcome of their first series against CLG, Immortals might have to burden additional pressure prior to this series. Either way, it will be a really close and grinding series.


NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4, Day 3 (June 25)


Despite the troubled start of the season for TSM, they’re now out of the hole and on a path to full recovery. On the other hand, FOX have only been beating the bottom feeders of the current season so far. This rightfully puts them somewhere in the middle of the bracket, but it’s clear they are not able to parry the big dogs yet.

WINNER PREDICTION: TSM, unless they brainfart again

TL vs. P1

If there’s a series for Phoenix1 to win, it’s this one. With a single (and quite surprising) win against Team Dignitas so far, TL is just half a step ahead of P1. Therefore, even if P1 loses against Echo Fox on Day 1, this is where they stand to make a point.


C9 vs. DIG

Cloud9 has definitely stagnated, or at least hasn’t improved much since the Spring Split. Other teams like IMT, CLG and DIG have caught up this summer and it’s very clear from C9’s performances and results that they’re struggling to keep up. Nevertheless, they’re still a tough cookie to break. DIG is certainly capable of smashing through anybody at the moment.


FLY vs. NV

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split EnVyUs

Twitter @TeamEnVyUs

On paper, this should be an easy win for NV. However, as we all know, the “A beat B, B beat C, therefore A should beat C” often doesn’t really work out as expected. NV certainly didn’t demonstrate enough consistency and mastery to instill confidence in a surefire win for them. Nevertheless, FlyQuest isn’t a top team this split too. We’ll see. Soon.


NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 4 starts soon. Stay tuned as we bring you the weekly recaps of the action up ahead.

Don’t forget to follow our social media. Comment down below if you have your own take of the upcoming week.

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