NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Recap – TSM Back In the Saddle

The final day of week 3 was basically a formality. The only notable series was the one between EnVy and TSM. EnVy looked scary good against Immortals in week 2. However, their weak showing against Echo Fox in Week 3 has put an important question mark – how good is NV exactly?! Here is our NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Recap.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Recap – Day 3 (June 18)

NV vs. TSM – 0:2

The obvious fluctuations in NV’s match-to-match performance have been a huge hindrance to this team. They’re obviously struggling to find their form this season. In the first game, TSM absolutely demolished NV with 14 to 1 kills in just 27 minutes. The second match was a totally different story, with NV being in the lead for a good portion of the mid-game. However, they failed to transition smoothly into the late-game and got completely stomped over in the last 10 minutes. On the other hand, TSM is now on a 3-0 winning streak, showing disturbingly strong and fluid teamwork, especially when it’s most needed.

P1 vs. CLG – 1:2

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Recap

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Phoenix1 is definitely nowhere near the level they were during their 3rd place Spring Split run. Something is deeply broken in the team this season. They’ve overhauled their roster recently, adding former DIG support Xpecial and an 18 year old rookie jungler MIKEYEUNG as new starters. Unfortunately, they have yet to catch a break – this was their 6th loss in a row. Meanwhile, CLG is steadily in the top 3 of NA LCS 2017 Summer Split bracket.

FLY vs. C9 – 0:2

A sweeping 2:0 against a bottom-half team such as FlyQuest isn’t a reassuring victory for C9. However, it’s a well-timed equaliser series that buys them enough time to secure a playoff berth. C9 dominated both matches, convincingly beating FlyQuest in just a bit more than an hour total of playtime. The swap between Ray and Impactz in the top lane seems to be working really well for C9. However, the first real test will come against Team Dignitas this week, on Day 3. On the other hand, FlyQuest is flying really low, with a single win against Phoenix1 and a total of 5 losses so far. The prospect of reaching the playoffs looks all too distant at the moment, but it’s not too late for them to snatch a few wins and qualify.

DIG vs. FOX – 2:1

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Recap

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Team Dignitas is playing really, really well this season. They’ve definitely deserved to be a top 3 team so far. The embarrassing loss to Team Liquid is now in their rear view mirror and they’re steadily winning series after series.

The first two matches against Echo Fox saw them struggling a bit. Despite winning the first game, they lost the second one convincingly. However, the usual chess-match in the third went heavily in their favour, with both of the crucial teamfights resulting in the FOX lineup getting wiped out completely. If they keep up the current level of play, Team Dignitas is definitely in contention for the final playoff stages, matched only by TSM, Immortals and CLG.

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