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NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview - Esportsranks
NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview

The tumultuous second week in the NA LCS 2017 resulted in further tumbling of the current season standings. Team EnVyUs and Team Dignitas have advanced to the top half of the bracket. Cloud9 and TSM are back from the dead and are currently sitting in the middle. Counter Logic Gaming and Immortals have slowed down – both teams got their first loss this week. Phoenix1 is definitely deserving of the bottom spot at the moment. Here’s our complete NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview:


CLG: 3W – 1L
DIG: 3W – 1L
IMT: 3W – 1L
NV:   3W – 1L
TSM: 2W – 2L
FOX: 2W – 2L
C9:  2W – 2L
TL:   1W – 3L
FLY: 1W – 3L
P1:  0W – 4L

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview


DAY 1 (June 16)

IMT vs. TL

Very few people, if any, expected that Team Liquid would beat Team Dignitas last week. They probably even surprised themselves in the second and third matches. They played very well, denying DIG to turn things around completely. Still, it wasn’t an easy victory for them. They are an experienced team, but Immortals shouldn’t have too much of a problem beating them.


NV vs. FOX

If EnVy brings the same level of play from last week against Echo Fox, they’ll win. For sure! Beating the current IMT lineup is no easy task, so EnVy should be looking to seal the winstreak against an obviously weaker FOX crew. However, FOX is no joke – NV mustn’t underestimate them. NA LCS 2017 summer split week 3 preview verdict: Expect fireworks, from both sides.


NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview

Via Twitch

DAY 2 (June 17)

TL vs. TSM

TSM definitely showed why they were the reigning champs last week. They should be looking to regain their top half bracket standings against Team Liquid. However, if TL repeats the performance they showed against IMT last week, TSM is in for a tough job.


IMT vs. C9

If Cloud9 manages to beat Immortals in this series, it’s going to be more than enough for them to regain confidence. On the other hand, Immortals have a thing to prove against a team such as C9, especially after such a disappointing loss to TL last week. IMT definitely has a lineup capable of winning the title this season. They only thing left is to keep winning convincingly.

WINNER PREDICTION: IMT, but it will probably be a close series


A bottom-half team vs a top-half team? Everything is stacked against FlyQuest in this series, at least on paper. The only team they managed to beat so far was a completely unrecognisable Phoenix1. Unless they come in really well prepared, composed and confident they can parry a monstrous lineup of CLG, there’s a little chance of an upset happening here.


P1 vs. DIG

Team Dignitas has come in massively improved this season. They’ve been competing on an equal footing and beating names such as TSM and EnVy. However, last week, they demonstrated a clear lack of consistency, losing against an obviously weaker Team Liquid. Is this a glimmer of hope for a struggling Summer Split third place winner Phoenix1? It’s about time they start winning something, it may be their last chance.


NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Preview

Via Twitch

Day 3 (June 18)

NV vs. TSM

Team EnVyUs and Team Dignitas have shown the biggest bump of improvement so far. Therefore, it’s not unreasonable to mark NV even as a slight favourite in this series. Still, TSM is TSM, and they can never be counted out. This is going to be the “final” test for NV – was last week’s performance just an anomaly, or are they really that good?

WINNER PREDICTION: Ugh… NV by a very, very tight margin

P1 vs. CLG

If P1 loses against DIG in Day 1, they have nothing to hope for against CLG. They’ll be too demoralized to be able to stage an upset like that. On the other hand, if they beat Team Dignitas, and CLG for some reason loses against FlyQuet? That would be an interesting thing to watch!


FLY vs. C9

This is a close call in all honesty. C9 have shown huge gaps and weaknesses in their overall strategy and approach. FlyQuest is struggling as well. At least on paper, C9 should take this. However, FlyQuest has ample reason to target this series as their turnaround point. It will either be 2:0 for C9, or 2:1 for FLY.

WINNER PREDICTION: C9, but anything is possible here


If we are correct with our above NA LCS 2017 summer split week 3 preview assessments, DIG has the upper hand here. Echo Fox will be coming off of a loss against EnVy, while Team Dignitas would be warmed up just enough after some target practice against Phoenix1. Obviously, DIG will have a psychological advantage. However, they mustn’t underestimate FOX or any other team for that matter – we’ve all seen what happened to them last week against Team Liquid.


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