NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Midweek – EnVy Inconsistent, Phoenix1 Loses Again!

Most of the series in the first two days of the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 have gone according to our own predictions. Except Team EnVyUs. After beating Immortals and Team Liquid last week, they somehow managed to throw it all down the toilet against Echo Fox this week. Despite the overall improvement, they’re currently a “wildcard” team. Here’s Esportsranks’ NA LCS 2017 Summer Split week 3 midweek recap.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Midweek – Day 1 (June 17)

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Midweek

IMT vs. TL – 2:0

This was definitely a hell week for Team Liquid. Facing two top dogs in IMT and TSM in a single week is no easy task. Even more demoralising is the fact everybody has already written them off. Unfortunately for them, this is exactly what happened.

After a quick routine win in the first game, Immortals simply cruised through the second match, playing tit for tat the whole time. Despite beating Team Dignitas last week, Team Liquid is nowhere near the level of play Immortals displayed so far.

NV vs. FOX – 0:2

Now this is a very interesting result. After witnessing EnVy defeat Immortals last week, we’ve saw them struggle a bit against Team Liquid. Yesterday, they lost against an opponent weaker than Immortals, but stronger than TL – at least on paper. So, where does this put them exactly? It’s very hard to say at the moment. As we’ve already said, this is THE wildcard team of the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split so far – you can never be sure what to expect. Good thing FOX seized this opportunity to get back closer to the top of the bracket.

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Midweek – Day 2 (June 17)

NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 Midweek

TL vs. TSM – 0:2

After another devastating loss to IMT earlier, Team Liquid was hard-pressed to pull off an upset. However, TSM continued their path to recovery – not without problems though. Team Liquid held their ground really well in the first game. They even had a slight team gold advantage for over 15 minutes of the mid-game. Still, TSM proved to be too much in the end. They outclassed and dismantled TL completely. This continued in the second match as well. TL offered a decent resistance, but it was all in vain as TSM’s relentless pressure sealed the deal after exactly 31 minutes for a sweeping 2:0.

IMT vs. C9 – 2:1

C9 is still a very good team, for sure. However, they are clearly not the undisputed NA LCS number 2 they were before. In this series, the first match went their way. But, it only served as a wake-up call for Immortals. The trashing they staged in the second match was followed by a usual rubber-match chess game that lasted for almost 50 minutes. As we predicted, IMT prevailed in the end. IMT’s performance at the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split week 3 midweek point puts them strong in the running the claim the team of the week.

FLY vs. CLG – 1:2

A slow rolling win for CLG in the first game was followed by a ridiculously chaotic second match. FlyQuest managed to completely melt CLG’s humongous gold and tempo advantage, seizing control of the game in the end and equalizing the series. FLY opened up the third match on an equally strong footing. Then, CLG’s Darshan and Stixxay went absolutely mental, with 10 and 12 kills respectively. FLY simply had no answer for this. Nevertheless, a convincing performance from both sides – CLG proved to be the current top 2-3 team, and FLY can easily climb out of the bottom half of the standings if they keep this level of play.

P1 vs. DIG – 1:2

Phoenix1 is a disappointment that keeps growing from series to series. This particular one went the distance more due to Team Dignitas underestimating P1, rather than P1 actually playing any better. Nevertheless, a first game win for DIG was followed by a convincing equalizer match, with P1 Ryu going 9/0/8 by the end. Still, the lack of proper form and preparation became all too apparent in the rubber-match. Despite a somewhat better mid-game, P1 faded down in the later stage. DIG routinely made easy picks and destroyed towers one by one. Maintaining the lead and tempo advantage, DIG grinded P1 down well until 44 minutes, sealing the series. P1 needs a radical miracle now to turn the losing streak around.

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Day 3 of the NA LCS 2017 Summer Split Week 3 will start in mere hours. Stay tuned to our social media channels as we bring you the end-of-week recap. Let us know your own thoughts in the comments down below.